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Arena help

I’m having an issue with the arena. I keep rerolling opponents that are too strong for me to beat. I keep getting attacked and loosing trophies, since I can’t find anyone I can beat I have no way of getting those trophies back and progressing in the game. It’s super annoying. It’s happening to loads of people. Is anything going to be done about this? Should I just give up and stop caring about the arena? It seems like a fun portion of the game but it’s so frustrating that if it doesn’t change I’m just going to stop looking.

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Hey Joylle, thank you for the feedback regarding the Arena, I’ll be sure to share it with our team.

Also, may I ask what your current trophy number is at?

Currently it’s 998 but a couple days ago it was 1131.


Same here Ned, I have been at 1075, dropped to 1016 and cannot go back because I keep rerolling too strong teams. I cannot move anywhere for about 3 days. My trophies keep going up and down between 986 to 1020 because of the attacks of other people. So i feel like giving up on arena all together.

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Same here, almost the same trophy levels too. Last season wasn’t easy, but you could progress. This season I am stuck or going down.

Same here. I think I am done with arena until there’s a rebalance. Only attacked by stronger opponents so revenge is not an option. 1 / 10 rerolls I find someone to fight.

Right now around 1100. Even slightly less powerful opponents seem nearly unmanageable.

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Same here. Last season made to 2200, now 900 till 1200 with luck…

Best awards in arena. But impossible to get…