Arena: How?!? I'm getting cheated

Please explain this monstrosity of a bug, I went into arena to do a revenge against this team, took a pic because of the substantial difference in trophies

And this the actual team I went up against
When by some luck I won, it gave me less than half the amount of trophies I was supposed to get

And posted score on a the team I was suppose to face, but I didn’t fight that team.
How is this possible? Is this some new cheater technique? I wouldn’t even be possible for me to make a kill like that, just toothless and tricky? Tricky is one of the last dragons.


I did another areana battle and the actual defense team was completely different than what was shown and again got cheated out of 100+ trophies

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It seems that it is only revenges that do this, not normal attacks

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I experienced the same thing. Awful bug

I got the same bug too, very frustrated.

Me too. And I can’t even send a message to customer support because I’m still waiting on my damn message reply from customer support from days ago.

So… I was fighting a player and I lost the battle (nothing wrong here) and this defeat was displayed correctly on battle summary.
Here’s the screenshot

I attached this player again but… THE OPPONENT TEAM WAS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! And I lost this battle also, because that team was too strong.

I attacked the same player another time and… the opponent team was still different than the previous one! But this time I won.
I went to see if I really was fighting the same player, and yes, it is.

This is a screenshot of the 3rd battle (in battle):

And this is how it is shown in battle summary:

As you can see the team is wrong, I got a victory but not all opponent’s dragons portraits are grey!


Probably links in with this


I had same issue but I got the trophies that I was supposed to get…

Hey Vikings, this issue has been reported to our team, and they’re investigating.


Quite the weird bug huh
Displaying opponents the wrong way & stuff

I think I came across something like it twice, but before the changes to the Arena mechanism. And once offensive battles. I don’t remember if I lost and had to retry, and if rewards were ok - they must have been. I certainly didn’t think to save the suspicious battles from then.

Giving wrong rewards is a twist to the worse, with this bug :frowning:

Update (1d later): There’s this theory about revenge battles meshing with offense’s opponents on the search, but I don’t know. All I know is it’s tied to revenges and has been pestering me since last evening, a little after I downloaded the update. At least 4 mates from clan have also been struggling with the bug the last 24h. Any news on a fix?

Same :frowning:

Getting this arena bug repeatedly after the update. I cannot revenge someone and if I retry, I get a completely different team. Not impressed with the lost energy, streaks, and trophies.

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@ned I Got the same issue, I tried to revenge someone and was forced to fight someone completely different.

Also, It seems like the opponent that gets loaded is the one that you are currently matched up against (in the “find opponent” tab)

Lastly, there seems to be a bug with the matchmaking as well. I never get any opponent that has more trophies than me. It always matches me up with someone that has between 6200 and 6600 trophies (I myself am at about 6600 trophies). And I don’t think that is supposed to happen?

@Sienna_Meadows at least you are THAT powerful, whereas some of us cannot get that power very easily. My top team is in the 3100s.

this has been happening to me all day. also i’m fighting dragons that aren’t what is displayed. major glitches, i can’t safely play because i’ve wound up with teams with totally different starting three lineups and no matter what the same low amount of trophies even if they are way ahead of me and it’s a revenge. what is up with this?

Having all the same issues.

It’s been discovered, that the team you face is the one that is the current opponent to you would go to attack when you press “find opponent”

Hello @Ned , this issue appeared after last update. I am iOS user and update for us is delayed for about 1 day… so yesterday when people started complaining I still was playing older version of the game and there were no issues. Today I installed the update and now i have the same issue. I hope it helps to narrow it down.


Same here, when I revenge I have a totally different team I’m fighting against than the one it shows me