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Arena i win but i loose bug

I kill my all opponents without loose any dragon.and i lost my winstreak bonus and my points

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I’m sorry that happened, P4nd4T1m3. If you reach out to our support team at, our team would be more than happy to take a closer look at this to see what might have happened.

Please make sure to include your support key in the email as it’d help our team find you quicker in their system.


This is happening to me, too… only I won’t be in the arena. I was doing the Barf and Belch quest, when out of nowhere it quit halfway through what would’ve been an easy win. Then it said I was defeated in the arena. I lost all 5 of my perfect streak which I have managed to keep fairly successfully. I also lost trophies.

This is the second time it’s happened to me. The first time it happened, I was doing a repeatable quest in the main gameplay to earn some extra fish etc. Long story short, the repeatable quest bugged out horribly - all the dragons stacked on top of each other in the top left hand corner of the screen with super powerful dragons that shouldn’t have been the repeatable quest to begin with (screenshot above). The game made it impossible to beat the quest - which I NEVER lose (my 5552 team vs 1450). I had to quit the game because it was so buggy. When I came back to the app I was told I lost trophies in the arena as well as lost my perfect streak, even though I hadn’t been in the arena.

Also, the daily quests disappear after playing a single step. When I beat it, the quest is no longer in the menu. I have to leave the quests, go back to the main menu, and then come back to the quests for it to reappear so I can continue advancing.

And… ALL of my messages regarding these issues to help and support via the app disappeared. I never got any reply other than the automated “we’ll vet back to you”. Now everything is gone. I have no other way to report these issues other than via the forum now.

I know with updates there will be glitches, so hopefully my reporting these problems will help the Ludia team identify the glitches and fix them shortly. Otherwise, it’s very difficult to get through arena play, or any levels, if everything is bugging out LOL

Oh, and the game has been extra laggy, too.

Oh, and just now, I clicked on the barf and belch challenge, and suddenly it took me to the arena.

I had what cj experienced, then it resulted in a lose when I won again.

I figured i’d post here since it’s almost the same thing.
I got this message out of nowhere and it kept popping up on every turn:

Then when i beat the opponent it said i lost:

But that’s not all, when i went to check my attack log the game showed a different team than the one i used for the battle, it replaced Cloudjumper with Gloomleer. What’s up with that?

It’s even worse now, guys. I cannot contact Ludia support because my messages to them disappear. The game keeps saying I’ve lost in the arena even when I haven’t played. I just now was participating in the purple scale search, and I had stacked dragons again in the left hand corner. Took forever to beat them, and when I did, the game froze. I had to shut the app down, then noticed I “lost” an arena battle despite not playing in the arena at all today. Lost trophies, etc. I also didn’t get my scales which I rightfully earned after winning such a messed up round. I’m still having to go back and forth between the main menu and quests after playing a round of quests due to the fact challenges disappear after playing just one round. It’s super annoying. Hopefully Ludia will see these messages. As I stated before, I cannot contact them in game because my messages get erased after I send them.

The game just loops this over and over and over after a win. My internet connection is just fine, too.