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Arena ideas

I’m hoping that Arena will come soon and that it won’t be live PvP. Because mobile live PvP is … I can’t write it, I’ll upset the rules.

Anyway, seeing how the Clans worked out, at least for now, and how you generally structure the events, daily\3-day quests etc - I guess there is no point to expect miracles of new design from Arena. Therefore I’ve summarized 3 possible modes that could either be selected at will or maybe be random.

I don’t know what the access will look like - similar “energy” every few hours or maybe some tickets bought with runes(which is reasonable, if the actual arena rewards will be reasonable as well).
However, there would be a special team slot added or maybe the 5th one renamed - as “Arena Team”. Arena team will be the one that you use yourself, and the one that will be snapshotted during matchmaking. Theoretically you could design “offense and defense” teams, where people could stack up the most borked dragons for attack, and the most kansur dragons for defense, but this will likely impact the impression of this game mode, and I hope that devs are not so petty. One team, one mode, it’s only fair. Also, to prevent griefing\smurfing, arena teams can only be modified once a day. So you can’t win a medal with your best team, then slot in 5 low-level 5-star dragons to make beginners’ lives a nightmare.
*TP - Team Power. Or BR or whatever people call it.

  1. “Fair” duel
    Nothing special, a non-bs matchup, since most mobile PvP games tend to match people like “3000 TP vs 4000-4500 TP”, drop them on leaderboards and imagine that “MMR exists”. No, what I expect for this particular mode is as close to “low challenge, low reward”, but without the “obvious” goal to make a player lose. If the player is bad enough to fail even with the benefit of manual control and the possibility of lucky tile-streak… Bad for him. But otherwise this is the mode for people to “participate” in Arenas without… risking too much.
    And… obviously… not revives, though, seeing how the Clan Alphas turned out - I think the devs know better.
    Also - this is 1-wave fight.

  2. Tournament
    A 5-quest like scenario, where you can leave at any point, and the rewards will depend on how many levels you’ve passed. The first level would probably slightly below Fair Duel, but with an equally lower reward. Second - similarly, maybe ~300 TP higher and slightly higher rewards than Fair Duel. Again, the rewards are ONLY given when you leave the tournament, but, I suggest that the levels themselves do not cost any spirit, it’s just a visually-aided\easier-to-replicate progression. Third level could be some +700 TP, already quite some risk if your team isn’t optimized. Fouth - +1200, and fifth - +2000TP. This should be more or less in line with the difficulty scaling of limited-time quests, but this time - based on real people’s teams(which is more difficult), and with one wave per level. So the rewards could be “maybe” slightly higher than limited-time quests, but generally it’s just an extension.

  3. Survival
    Similar to tournament, and maybe slightly harder to implement, but… Instead of 1 wave per level, it’s one level, 5 waves, each wave being a snapshot of a suitable enemy team. The rewards, again, depend on how many waves you successfully beat(similar Clan Alpha’s damage recording), but the rewards are higher and so is the level difficulty.
    See, standalone waves in “Tournament” are harder, because you start “empty vs empty”. But… as any experienced player knows - you need healers, you need to delay the wave transition, heal up, charge up, and meet the next wave with a multiple abilities ready to be cast. This is why Tournament has to be slightly more “limited-time quest”-realistic, but the Survival… can be more brutal.
    So the first wave is more or less like Fair Duel, maybe slightly higher, but not as high as +300TP. The idea is that this wave would allow a skilled player to “prepare” his team, while still being risky enough. After that it goes like wave 2 +500 TP, wave 3 + 600TP, wave 4 + 700TP, wave 5 +800 TP. That will be a brutal 2600 team power over the player’s team, but… if his team is good, if he’s lucky and all that - it could be done, and the rewards for this should be “at least” like a Heavy Duty chest. At least.

Now, some might ask how would it work for those up there in the mountains. Them guys with not just 5000, but even 6000+ optimized teams. Well, you’ve got story mode, right? That chew toy that they are forced to gnaw. Why not use the same approach to differentiate it a little? So if, say, there’s this 7000+ TP guy that basically has no better team in existence that could be matched for even level\wave 2, if not level\wave 1. Scale up the dragons’ health to the similar level as in story mode. So… if a player is ~7000TP, wave 2 should already match him with like a ~8000 TP team, that is - dragons with maxed-out stats and health scaled beyond the norm. 8000 is ~1600 per dragon, so only slightly higher. Then level\wave 3 - 9000-10000TP \ 1800-2000 per dragon. Level\wave 4 - 12000-13000TP \ 2400-2600 per dragon. Level\wave 5 - 15000-16000TP \ 3000-3200 per dragon. I can only assume that this is as bad as the last location gets. Maybe shouldn’t be as bad, but close to it. Either way it will be similar to how “unlikely” a 2500 team with 500 power per dragon could beat a 4500-5000 team with 900-1000 per dragon. Or at lest sort of like it, after all, it’s a suggestion, not a line of code.