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Arena incubator broken


Im lvl 7 arena
Why all my 8h or more alway give me stygimoloch. It look like a receave lvl 3 arena incubator.


Stygimoloch is an Arena Exclusive creature that you can’t find in the wild. While you have the chance of receiving DNA from any and all arenas that you’ve unlocked, Stygimoloch is the only Epic guaranteed to be in 8-hr incubators right now.

I’ve heard it’s got an excellent hybrid, so don’t snub the Stygi DNA and get it while you can!


Yes but why i never find tyranosor on arena 7 like the reward show
I fond it maybe 5% of time


It’s just a matter of luck. Even though you’re in Arena 7, that does NOT mean the probability of earning Arena 7 rewards is higher than the probability of receiving rewards from other arenas.

Regardless, I highly recommend not relying on incubators as your sole source of T-Rex DNA. Get out and try to dart some T-Rex in the wild—you’re bound to dart more DNA than you would otherwise earn from an incubator.

Best of luck!


Each incubator(though i dont believe 12 and 24 hour ones) has a small amount of dna set aside for arena exclusive. The 8 hour one guarentees that area exclusive dna being epic dna. Stygi is the only epic arena exclusive which is why it shows like that.