Arena Incubator Dinos


Hey guys. I’m in the Sorna Marshes and every single incubator I’m opening has none of the designated incubator dinosaurs for that arena. All I get is the damn Epic Sygimoloch. The arena dinos are suppose to be Allosaurus, Giraffatitan and the Epic T-Rex. I don’t get any of these. I also don’t get the Baryonyx Gen 2 which is the exclusive dinosaur. Is anyone else having this issue? I’ve won a ton of matches in hopes of getting more DNA for my Indominus Rex but all I get is blockhead. Really frustrated.


Hi @Sabrina319 .

Actually, this is not a issue. You can gain every dna from your arena AND the previous ones.

So if you are in Sorna Marshes, you can gain randomly dna from 33 dinos, depending on what amount of common / rare / epic the incub contains.

For Stygimoloch, the fact is that the 8h incubator give a guaranteed amount of an exclusive epic dino (that is a dino that doesn’t spawn in the wild). Therefore, seen that Stygi is the only exclusive epic dino so far, you are guaranteed to receive her dna in every 8h incub (there is also her face on the incubator details).
When Ludia will put other exclusive epic dinos, it will be a gamble between these dinos. Hopefully in the next release.

To know everything about how battle arena incubators work, just check these threads:


What is the pinger if listing arena exclusives if your chances of getting them are slim? This isn’t listed anywhere in the actual game. When you advertise “arena exclusives” peopke upgrade and fight to get to that arena to get those exclusives. I’ve not onece gotten a dinosaur Exclusive to Sorna Marshes in the entire time I’ve been in there. That’s BS. If that’s how they want to do things then they should make it clear. I want to note that when I first started playing back in June that I did get my arena exclusives. Now all I get is low level commons and this Stygimoloch.