Arena Incubator

Not sure whether someone has posted it here.
Seems like no more Sygi for Epic (8hrs) incub. Opened one this morning. Got 40 Sino’s DNAs…

I’m in sorna marshes but I still got Stygs this morning

I got Stiggy twice today from 8hrs but also got Alanqa from the daily. I would have preferred Sino.

Mine still says 15 stygi although I’d definitely prefer that :confused:

i still got stygi but i have also been getting better dna for the 2nd epic, like mono, kentro, trex, sino. this last one was grypo and stygi though.

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I noticed the 2nd epic being a little better too.

It was probably just the special 8h that is in the cycle between the two 12h ones!

Mine still say Stygi!

I’m getting frustrated that this cycle is once again giving me too many 8hrs after my last 12hr and it looks like I’m headed for another 12hr instead of the 24hr I thought I’d get last night. This happened the very last time around too. Is this normal? I miss thinking it was all random. I now have expectations now that are making me feel like I’m getting ripped lol



Yeah i made a post yesterday about this, ive gotten epic dna in a few 3 hour incubators… also got like 10 mono out of a 15 minute one yesterday.

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I just opened a 12 hour incubator that included 1k igy, 3.5k para, 570 spinosaur, 57 megalsaur.

Best 12 hour Ive ever gotten thats like 3 weeks of para dna for me.

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