Arena Incubators Guide?

didn’t find that.
when i see incubator info, i see what it gives, and chances of each dino. like:

do we have this info for all incubators (all arenas) somewhere?

@Piere87 @MNBrian :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

What arena guide do you want? When you scroll it down, you can see the exclusive dinos available from each arena. For example, Pteranodon is available in arena 10, together with other non-exclusive dinos and all other exclusive dinos available lower than arena 10.

but when i see incubator info, like this arena 10 image i posted, its like:

  • 20 dna minumum for 15 epics, being 6.67% chances for each. including the
    epic pteranodon shown below arena icon from arena list.
  • 20 more dna for 3 epics (alanqa, pachy, stygi), being 33.33% for each.

how dna is distributed for arena 9? 100% shared for 14 epics? all these except epic ptero (exclusive for aviary)?

and what’s the point for those 3 more epic dna? those dinos change according to arena too?

i was talking about a full chart/list for all 13 arenas. not anybody access this content ingame.

Coming soon…lol

To answer your question yes. As you climb arenas the dino(s) unlocked are added to the overall dino pool lowering the % chance of any particular dino. This is the DNA you can get as seen in the total dna of incubator details.

The second question you have is the minimum guarantees which a much smaller pool of dinos from the exclusives dino(s) unlocked. This is shown as minimum guarantee DNA at the top of the incubator details.

The third question, no special dinos exist for arenas 11-13.

This is the same info found in game but just typed out:

P.S. you can always get more DNA (min guarantee of 23 Epic but you get 100) or even higher rarity or even dinos not in the details. Example a rare 12hr incubator can give epic DNA or hybrids.

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mmmm, now i understand the second epic pool for 8h incubator.
its cumulative exclusive epics from arena 1 to 10: alanqa, sygi and pachy. except ptero.

these arena dinos never changed all game history?

Who knows maybe it’ll change maybe not…more likely not lol. Look at what happened to the alliance rewards. Never say never.

By the way those minimum guarantees arent just for epics! You’ll can see different incubators have different minimums across different arenas. However you got the right mindset!

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maybe a better approach should be all arenas give all creatures.
i mean: the same kind of incubator from arena first to last (all creatures pool), with difference only for dna ammount.
arena 1 is exactly same kind of arena 10, but 10 gives more dna totals than 1.

so people is never encouraged to drop looking for better chances of specific dinos, but climb to get more dna. like we have with dart max dna in player level, or boost rewards for daily’s.

to help newbies unlock and use dinos faster, we already have spawn mechanics.

let incubators be the same. then give us back the old trophies-only matchmaker, because people don’t find a good idea drop anymore, no need for team strenght calcs.


This is a good idea. There is no point to drop to lower arenas.
New players can also get more variety of DNA for their future use.

So when I get my daily incubator, and pretty much any epic incubator (8h+), it always ALWAYS has styg or alanqa. Always.

I dropped down to the prior arena and it didn’t change I moved up to the next arena and it didn’t change.

Is this a bug? How do I get different DNA in my daily incubator? And the others?

I have both styg and alanqa coming out of my ears and could never see another single DNA of either for the rest of time and still have way too much.