Arena incupater glitches out


When opening a golden rare incubated from the arena i pressed open when all of a sudden I lost connection to the game and it kicked me out. When reopening the game I had found that my rare golden incubated had disappeared and I didn’t gane any dna from it! Please fix your bug and renew my arena incubated or please give me bucks to purchase a new one

Sincerely Man with nature


My account information is here
My account name is blue with a feral number of 9315
I have 14/31 achievements completed
140/140 darts
60686 coins
228 bucks
I am also a level 7 player 26050/51000 exp
I Amber also currently in level three silver arena with a team of 6 epics one rare and one common velociraptor

If you need any other information about my account please contact me I will be happy to give you it


Hey Man_with_Nature, I’m sorry to hear that happened, but contact our support team with your support key, and they might be able to see if you were credited for opening your Incubator or not and assist you. They can be reached at