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Arena is a complete mess now


What do u look forward to now in arena…
The truth is…nothing…
There is no more “knowledge of skill” that was mentioned.
Is a PURE RNG luck.
Is a complete mess in my opinion.
Who is motivated and feel “FUN” in arena?


It’s not the RNG that ruins the Arena it’s the matchmaking.


I played from start to get TRYKO recently.
Now i see in every team, high or lower lvl players.
Indoraptor was like a gem for many, now?
The mismatch of arena was when lvl 20 dino team that consist, irex, stegodeus…against those who has THOR, Indoraptor…
Now u just need the RNG to win your match because all these uniques r so common in arena.


That was always going to be a problem though and I am surprised that Ludia didn’t foresee it. It took a lot of players ages to complete Indominus and then Indoraptor, but once they did everyone had them.

RNG plays a big part but maybe that is the main meta for the high end Arenas? It wouldn’t surprise me if there are 3 or 4 stages through the Arena levels where we would see different styles and dinosaurs being played purely because that is what players have access to at those points. By the time they reach the high end of things they are expected to have those same top end teams.


This :poop: is getting real old
Game froze literally 4 times … restarted, reset WiFi in the middle too and still remained frozen.

Feel bad for the other guy.