Arena is Horendous at the Moment


I don’t know about anyone else, but the cheaters, spoofers, and hackers are getting their last week of fun in before their ban. They don’t care about their score, but I do. I am down nearly 200 medals in the last day because of it.

Consider me done with the Arena for the next 9 days.

A friendly suggestion? While I thoroughly love the cheater purge… next time ban now and then ask questions later. This is awful.

Maybe it’s just me…


Side note - I am getting matched up with people above my current arena. So you know, there’s that too.


I ran into a dude with super overpowered dinos like tryko and such and he just kept spam swapping his dinos after 1 hitting my raptor :joy: dude just have me a free win so they arent all bad but im up in 3800+ so maybe they get bored in lower areas


Funny you should mention this, because I’m experiencing the same thing with the lowest level arenas!

I went back to get certain DNA, and I set up a team that wasn’t too powerful so it was equal to the average player there. But all I’ve seen are people from waaaaay higher up in the game with dinos that could fight me in the higher arenas!


I just get really irritated going from 4082 to 3800 from all 19+ legendary hybrid only teams. Come on, unless you’re cheating or spoofing, that’s simply not possible. I play every day all day and I have 4 super hybrids (2 or which came from that level 10 special) and none are 19+.

So…yeah. My arena days are on hold until the purge. They don’t care about their ranks. I do.


My last few days in battle has also been BRUTAL. I have a theory though: All the people that were in Arena 7 but wanted different DNA or were just bored in that arena and dropped down are suddenly back with the trophy reset that happened a few days. Now that there is a new arena to climb to and more TRex DNA in Sorna Marshes incubators, they’re fighting with their best which still outlevels a lot of us that are in that 3000-3500 level.

Anyway, that is my opinion, could be wrong. Either way. I’m not going hard in battles right now until things settle down a little more.


Fun fact: there’s almost no T-Rex DNA in Sorna. Been there before and after the update, and I get as much from incubators now as I ever did. It sucks.


Ive received Rex in every 8 hour incubator in Sorna since the update.


I think what’s happening right now is people aren’t playing as many bots and they are starting to realize that there are real players around their levels who are very good at strategy and actually harder to defeat than the higher level bots.


There’s probably less people playing just above the 3500 mark as well, as they want to get the reward for the 3500 reset and don’t want to risk dropping below.


How odd @sparednoexpense, there’s a whole thread full of people with this issue. You’re super lucky!


I am fine with a strategic opponent. I am NOT ok with an opponent with 8/8 legendary hybrids level 19+…


Yeah, getting tired of getting beat too unless I’ve got an open incubator slot, I seem to lose even if my dinos are higher levels. Guess I’ll stick to collecting DNA for a few days.


Im more annoyed with this connection, keeps timing me out and freezing while there is an actual battle in progress. Got to close, and reopen my app during the loading screen, and usually by the time the game loads up, one or two of my dinos are already down. Three back to back matches just now… yikes


just got into Sorna today, so I don’t know, but I’m 1 for 2 right now, will do more battles tonight after I get out of work.

@Calebrys I was getting that a lot before the update, but not since. It is definitely annoying.


Right. I haven’t gotten 1 and I’ve opened over 10 incubators from that arena


I’ve gone down from 3500plus to around 2800 in about a week


Ouch… not looking forward to anything like that personally.


You win some you lose some, thats just how it works.


Win 1 game in about 15/20 games… still I’m at work while playing so time well spent lol