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Arena is just painful now


I honestly sit here sometimes staring at the app wondering why I hate myself so much to put myself through this day after day. Clearly the game is doing something right to be feeding that part of my brain desperate for entertainment. But playing it just so painful, especially in arena. When I first started I could happily play arena near constantly, enjoying even when I lost because the battle system was so fun. Then I climbed higher, and the fun was lost. Not just lost, but driven out into the woods somewhere, tied to a tree and left to starve.

Arena for me now goes one of 2 ways. Either the game is a complete rng fest, infuriating me or my opponent with constant crits, stuns and dodges making our participation utterly pointless as the result could have simply been determined by a coin toss for how random it is. Or I face one of the worst people on this game; a rank-dropper, who having reached their desired arena level reequips their team of level 20 legendaries to have fun curb stomping someone like me who is still desperately trying to climb higher.

Constant gambling on rng is not fun. Getting obliterated by lvl 15 players looking for specific dna is not fun. If it werent for the small amount of positive feedback my brain gives me when I dart a dino I like or play a stress free friendly game I would have given up long ago. As it is until a better way to get incubators comes along it seems I am stuck banging my head against the rng wall of arena that demands I take 5 concussions before I can have 1 measly incubator.

On top of all this; I have to say that this is the 5th or 6th time I have tried to voice my frustration with the ludicrous state of arena, only to have my posts silenced and hidden. Most likely this one will be too, but on the small chance it is not, for a few minutes before it is taken down I want people to know how much this site is being gagged.


Well good thing you didn’t waste your time typing a stupid comment instead



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I dropped down to a lower arena to farm dna. However, I switched out my team to lower level creatures. And it’s going to stay that way until I get what I need.

Because I still do not have stegoceratops and it bothers me.

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I just dropped from 3600 to 3000 in just 1 day. :slightly_smiling_face:


Does this actually work? I was stuck for the longest time between 3000-4000, instead of getting T Rex like it was listed as one of the incubator dinos, I ended up with truck load of useless Stygimoloch…!


I feel the same way here. I keep losing and I go to look at who I am battling, they are 300 above me. I thought you were supposed to battle someone only 100 points above or below you. I stepped away from the game thinking if I waited a little while, I could come back and win. But,I just lost 2 more times.


I was one of the first people to sign up for this, and I’ve been a regular player ever since. I think I’m reaching the end of the road now, the combat system is too inconsistent.

I don’t understand this sequence of events…
me lvl 16 Veociraptor, opponent level 14. He jumps out without fighting. I kill next creature, he comes back with his full strength Velociraptor and gets first him, killing mine and winning the battle.

Other times I swap out in the same way, then come back in and get hit twice to lose.

I must be missing some line of logic,but it seems way too hit and miss to me, there needs to be a better explanation of how combat works. Or if there’s hone out there that I’ve missed, where can I find it?


I was at 3348 two days ago, now I’m at 2759 no joke.

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You are a good writer

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You swapped out after your creature died or did you swap out when your first dinosaur was still alive? Because if you did the latter, you will get hit twice before you can do anything if your creature is slower than the other one. If it is faster, it’ll get hit once and then you can hit the other person’s creature.

If your previous creature died, then whoever is faster goes first. So either you hit first or you get hit once.

At least that’s how I’ve seen it go. And if they are the same speed, I don’t know how that works. RNG? First to hit a skill? I’ve only ran into that issue once with my Velociraptor against another Velociraptor. I spammed where the pounce button was and got to hit first.


I’m a newb, so I don’t know how the battles are like in the higher arenas. If it is as bad as people say, I think I’ll go find some low level dinos and keep them low and stay in the lower brackets for longer periods. I don’t want to crush the people in the lower brackets, so I’ll probably learn the lower level dinos skill sets and make it fair for them.

I sure hope they work on the combat if it really is that bad. I really do enjoy the game so I don’t want it to fail due to combat not being that fun anymore. It’s not the biggest thing for me, as I’m mainly playing it to make me walk around more. But still, the arena is really fun. Shame the higher arenas are not as fun it seems.


Before the reset to 3500 I was at about 4200, just outside top 500, I continue to improve my team but just can’t get above 3800/3900 , been trying for a week, I get the whole RNG thing, but feels almost like I’m being kept down below 4000 deliberately. Starting to get a bit old.


To be fair; the combat system itself is the same as ever, and is fun at its core, which is the only reason I’ve kept playing. The problem is that way the game is ‘balanced’ gives advantage to certain infuriating dinosaurs who have very few readily available counters. Stegoceratops and Indominus are the primary problems for me with this; because their sets consist of decent stats bolstered by ridiculous rng effects. While they do have a few counters, a lot of these are specific to them and have limited usefulness against anything else. This by itself wouldnt be so bad, but then you have random team rolls, making it highly likely you wont even roll your counter to those dinosaurs and be forced to rely on luck over and over again. I honestly believe rng dinos are a worse problem in the meta than raptors ever were; there were loads of counters to raptors even at their peak; I never had a problem with them with nodopatosaurus, stegosaurus and wuerhosaurus on my team. Now; I have 1 or 2 dinos that can maybe answer stegoceratops or indom if they arent stupidly high level and dont get critted, and if I’m lucky enough to roll them. Maybe. And depending on luck like that is infuriating and not at all fun.


Yeah this is me also. I’ve been in the Marshes 3000-4000 for ever and every 8hr incubator has Stygimoloch which should only happen at 1500-2000 :trophy: right?
Is this the same for everyone?
Man my team would be quite a bit better with all that extra Rex DNA.


I also dropped to arena 5 to get DNA… it’s sad, but i need “mono” dna for monomimus haha
I fought yesterday two people that were dropping too (theirs dinos were lvl 1 and 2 xD)


I’m sure the people who are just trying to get some coin and incubators are happy to run across an arena dropper.


It’s not when theyre dropping that’s the problem; its when they’ve finished dropping and start using their massively overleveled dinosaurs.


But the point is to stay in that arena to get what you want. I use balance dinos to fight in that arena (lvl 11 to 15) and when I want to get back to arena 7 I won’t use the higher dinos in my team because it’s not fair for the other players (I just do not to others what I do not want them to do to me)


I didn’t swap out, my opponent swapped out his level 14 Velociraptor when I loaded my level 16. I beat his pretty feeble replacement with two hits. As I was 16 and he was 14 I should presumably be faster. He reloaded his level 14 and got first hit, killing my Velociraptor and winning the battle. To me that doesn’t make any sense?

I’m one of those people who needs to understand the mechanics to get full enjoyment from a game, this is as clear as mud.