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Arena is messed up!


I dont want to start another negative thread but i need to quit arena.

I am fighting to get into top 500 and top 250 as the threshold is quite close. I am not just fighting against rng, which 1 game favours and the next doesnt, but the points system is even more frustrating!

I win a game i get 15 trophies i then come from behind to beat a team of levels 30s (im 26-28) and get 25 trophies. Then I lose to a team of 30s and lose 30 trophiea and then again 45 trophies!

How is this right? This is constant. I grind to win 3 or 4 games and lose all my progress and then some in 2.

Now i appreciate all deserve a chance to get into top but this is so frustrating that i want to quit. I cant be bothered with another end of tournment frustration that leaves me neither satisfied nor entertained as a game should.

Though my stubornness to over achieve seems to win out but this time im just thinking this isnt worth the effort.

Who else feels this?


I feel you. i got knocked all the way back to Lockdown cause of something known as Rat.

And then I get to Sorna for a brief moment only to get Swap in Stormed again.

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12 matches required on the daily missions. Arena is certainly stressful whatever prize level you want to keep.


This was also not a good day for me, I was trying to do some battles to get some incubators lost 200 trophies because of the rng mayhem.
Battled a lot of players who had 2-4 higher level dino’s and when I had someone at my level range they had the rng advantage.
Its not this bad everyday, but I think the phase of the arena battles is just too fast, extremely high damage and crits flying everywhere. not to mention the 2x Shattering rampage swap-in.


Most of the time during tournament, losses are due to over levelled opponenets.
My team has dinos of L21-25, I have faced teams with L27-30 more often during this period.
DC is another problem. Although there are dinos which can one-shot it, most of the time they are not picked into the line up. Now DCs in the arena are getting higher levels, but it is very difficult to level dinos which can one-shot them (usually they are Thor, Utasino, Tryos, Indor and Erlidom).
I now don’t bother the tournament any more as it only gives me an epic incubator even if I can make it.


If this is constant, and constantly making you frustrated and want to quit… then quit.
No need to come here and complain about it. We’re all in the same boat. It’s a run-down boat that barely floats, but we’re all in it, regardless.


Level 24 Indoraptor can now one shot level 21 Magnapriator with cleanse? Indoraptor getting an extra 900 in attack.


I feel ya. Won 3 in a row and got 15, 17, 15 trophies. Then lost one that came down to the last hit - and they dodged and got me. 29’s and 30’s vs my 25-28’s. Lost 46 trophies.

That started a spiral that took me from the mid 300 ranks to 4850 trophies.



This is every day. It’s been like this for a while.


DC is heavily used in Sorna now. I finally made it back out. But DC rat is over leveling you best get the problem solver Thorad. Its amusing that we need uniques to combat a legend. I really hate to keep going on about DC but geez this dino is so easy.

I respect the players who don’t abuse it though. In sorna DC is hell because not many dinos have the brute force. You need Thor or die.

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I am hoping for a DC unique to at least limit the overlevel factor a bit :slight_smile:


That would be understandable… atm DC is basically a unique xD but but…


Why not? I just wanted some sympathy or motivation and someone to understand me and you gave me none! :wink:


To be honest mate i think it is to do with more and more people claiming max level teams creating a bottle neck so all the other players with high level dinos start to filter down into lower aviary even lockwood thats why it became harder to battle and will only get worse until more arenas are added or even break the level 30 mark for dinos

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No offence meant here.

Congrats! You learn something!!


It is… all fun has vanished.


It seems to be worse now than in previous tournaments. Many reasons I guess.

At this point, I really don’t care where I end up. I would really have to tank badly to crash into
Lockwood, so the epic incubator should be safe. The other rewards simply aren’t worth stressing over.

Now if the DNA were something desirable (e.g., something unique?) I would feel differently. As it is… yawn.

OP, I do get your frustration and hope the devs are paying attention.


Friendly matches count. I tend to do as many strike event battles as are available in a day (being in the UK means I can do 2 days’ worth in a matter of hours) and try to fill in the rest with friendly battles if I really can’t face the arena. (Which I usually can’t, because I’ve always hated it.)