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Arena is still a huge pain to play

I have really had about enough now.
I play arena because I want the Deathgripper and this is so far the only way to get it. I absolutely don’t care if I have to fight bots for it or other players but the current system either needs to go or be adjusted.
It is next to impossible to get a 5 win streak sitting around 1.4k trophys.
The three prime reasons for this are :

  1. Defense team buffs are still overpowered when the board does not cascade in the first 2-3 turns.
  2. The board is more often then not a disadvantage and NOT an advantage.
  3. There are so far 4 dragons who’s abilities are beyond unfun to play against. These are Toothless, Sawmaw, Murmur and that freaking blue Zipper. All 4 dragons either have enormous aoe dmg that charges ridiculous fast or bring debuffs to the attack that makes winning extremely unlikely if they manage to charge just once.
    Either the overall power level of defense teams needs to be addressed, get rid of the buff and trophy loss when defeated all together (no one enjoys these two systems) or ban certain dragons from the arena all together as their special skills are nothing but unnecessary frustration factors.

Completely agree. Really hate arena arm. But have to play for exclusive…

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I hate arena too. Used to be Bronze, almost silver, but once they halved the trophies the first time I’ve been stuck in copper and it’s getting annoying. I’m constantly coming back to lost trophies every time I log back in/open the app. The teams are too buffed and that’s unfair too. If a certain dragon like Sawmaw or that stupid Zippleback charge even once, you’re basically done for. At least I’ve found a strategy to avoid Toothless charging up too fast. Other dragons that give me problems are Anveil and basically anything that grants your dragons counterattack ability.

I get that you are frustrated. Everything you mention can be disheartening. It doesn’t change as you get up the rankings. What I’ve found is that I needed to change my mindset. Instead of feeling like a loser, I’m determined to feel- and act- like a champion.

I’ve spent time fighting every combination of dragon in my own team in practice. I’ve done that over and over and over until I’ve worked out a strategy for every dragon in my team, including toothless and Sawmaw ( yes, I have a 5* Sawmaw and they are a pain in the butt, but they are beatable.). I don’t say that I win every time but I win often enough to be having fun. I’ve also really got to know the dragons. That helps a lot. So maybe try this. You might not have the very best team, but if you can master your own team, you’ll get better across the board. The arena is huge fun if you chose to make it so. Hope this doesn’t come off as preachy. I just want to help.


To be honest, I think the current Arena is working. So far I rarely lose battles as long as I team up the right dragons and focus on get my dragons’ ability and attacks work together.

I think you should think more about how these dragons work. For zippers, you should absolutely get rid of him as fast as you can. For toothless, you want to strategize your attacks so you can build up some good hits before he reaches to his ability. As for sawmaw, murmurquil, l think everyone has the same issue, even for people who have them. It’s a bit like all depends on chance when you fight these two dragons.

Some dragons can clear enemy buffs while some can clear ally de-buffs. It’s important to know these and use the right team.

I’ve seen you around and actually attacked you today. I hope you could enjoy the game by switching a bit your mindset. Anyways, you are doing great by staying around too 200. As you might know many are still around 1000. Cheers!


You’re absolutely right at any level, you need a really lucky cascade early to beat Sawmaw and Tricky Two-heads. Once those use their power once, they will rapidly devastate your team. There’s absolutely nothing balanced about Sawmaw getting to use his power again in 2 or 3 moves, and Two-heads getting all 3 of a shield, decrease your accuracy, and counterattack so you can’t even move without dying.

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Tricky is far less of a problem than those three. At least its spirit rate is not so fast. But still it’s very hard to deal with.

To be honest, if you ran into the issues many others are would you think Arena is working well? My teams should be able to take out a lot of teams 7456 and 7554. Nope, I loose all the time by getting attacked by teams far less than mine. How do you think that is fair? You get attacked you can’t make any adjustments but opponents can.

@Indigrl You can change your defense team and only the first 3 dragons of your team are shown, of course you can make adjustments any time. Did you look at the numbers to figure out the strategy of your attackers and adjust your defense team to that? Or are all of them using a different strategy?
Once someone decided to fight against your team they can’t make adjustments anymore and you got the surprise what’s showing up after the first 3 dragons. I was smashed (as attacker) by some of the dragons showing up because they were perfect choices to come in as next dragon.


For me dragons in reinforcement is not so much of a problem. I need to start my team at the beginning of battle and once started it would be crushing. They hardly get a chance to use their special abilities. But getting started is not so easy. If the first three defeat one or more of my dragons it would be a big problem in the coming battle. But if the first three are considered threatening I would more often choose to reroll. I have seen people hiding sawmaw and toothless and murklurker in reinforcement and those are hardly reversing the battle.

I understand fully how Arena works. What is a joke is whem you constantly get attacked while you are not playing and that team is changable until they hit start battle. Just like you said they work off and can put a stronger team in. I do not play the Arena any more because any mix of dragons I put in I would get beat when against any other team in any other battle would win easily. Waking up and being attacked 4 or 5 times in one night and loosing that much was the final straw. This is not just an issue I have A LOT of players hate Arena for similar and various other reasons.

Well I would say this isn’t too terrible. You wake up and get, say, 8 energies and you can attack 8 times and win back all the trophies you have lost last night. My defense team is losing all the time but I am still climbing slowly. But it’s still important to set a good defense team so that dropping wouldn’t be too fast. If you have a good defense team, others would more likely to reroll when they get matched against your team. Players now have more choice now that reroll only take 2 minutes to refresh. If you want to get trophies from defense team like in season 2, nobody would attack to climb. The only source of more trophies for the majority would be those who only care about medals and those at the bottom. Nobody can really enjoy it, you stay out of it to climb, or participate in it to drop. The only way to have everyone win trophies from attacks and defense is to add a great number of bots into arena, and have bots lose all the time, but I believe many players had asked removal of bots in season 1.

I don’t fully get what your problem is. So if you can’t put up a defense team that wins any battle (for sure you tested yours with your own team the way you sound?) and it bothers you that much, why aren’t you putting up different dragons that could be more useful? It’s clear that you maybe need different dragons for Arena than for exploration or Alpha, just like you needed different dragons for Alpha than exploration when Alpha feature was released.

My defense team loses more than it wins, out of 10 defense battles I may win one. I got attacked 5 times over night and was able to revenge two of these attacks and get my trophies back with interest plus medals - one player attacked me twice and I was not allowed to take revenge for idk what reason. Maybe there was a shield. So all in all I was attacked 5 times, had benefits from two of them, was not allowed to revenge another two and I only lost trophies by not revenging on purpose one time.

And I only lose that much defense battles because I’m too lazy to max my Tricky atm because I prefer working on Dreadfall Toothless and rather work on Gyllentalon instead of Beachcomber. Otherwise my defense would be much stronger.

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