Arena is toxic right now

Like we all say, the arena is just a huge mess right now, ever since stat boosts were introduced. It has caused all sorts of unbalance, with all the rats, thors, and among others ruling the arena. Its at the point now where if you dont but boosts or use the same things everyone else uses, you will not succeed. To win, you cannot use different creatures (literally the winning teams that allow you to have even a remote chance at playing are required to have Tryko, Thor, Magna, Erlidom, Utarinex/Diloracherius (or both), Dracoceratops, and your choice of the other tyrants, Grypolyth, or Quetzorion). Not to mention the matchmaking being absolutely awful.
You can literally remove boosts, rat, and revert the matchmaking, and we would have the best possible arena yet.

This team got me up to 4700+ trophies before 1.7 came along. Was in a good position and felt good about myself since i didnt rely on evasion often. Now im barely hanging on in Lockwood. Explain that to me.


I don’t use DC, Erlidom, Zor, or any of the newest beasts and i still make progress. I made it to the top 10 last night and have T-rex on my team. Different dinos are possible to use but everyone just flocks to the same set of dinos instead of trying something else. People just have to be brave and mix it up instead of filling their teams with the same stuff as everyone else. My team does have a lot of the usual dinos but that’s because they’re among the best choices. I might have kept Posti on my team if Ludia would make it able to compete with the stronger dinos. The nerf left it unable to beat Spinota now, so there just comes a point where you have to drop certain dinos and go with what can actually survive. I have 4 level 30s benched because they just can’t hang anymore.


Its very rare to see someone able to accomplish that nowadays. Currently trying smilocephalosaurus and it seems to be doing well so far.

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Wish I could have your Grypo lol. Can’t find the epic for the life of me and epic scents are trash xD Maybe some of these croc scents might help but Geez!

I only use dinos that I like. Which comes to look/design, moveset, and satisfaction kill level.

For example simply ratting my opponent is garbage and not satisfaction so I don’t use it xD

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I think I’m doing ok too… though, I had Indom instead of Ardentis on my team when I earned that rank.


The only reason i even have grypo is because i used epic scents when the scent strikes gave them to me, and i live in L4, so…

Been planning to replace Smiloceph eventually with Quetzorion, and Spinota with Erlikospyx. Im at 220/250 and 190/250 respectively

Ahh lucky! I never get epic scents from these incubator battles. This year I have got three rare and one epic. The rest large common scents. No lie.

I can definitely say though, Grypolyth is definitely worth getting if you want a good staller. Can potentially block 75% of damage, a brutal counter attack, a pin + stun move with priority, and can heal.

Feels good to say we have our very first viable crocodile once it got reworked. Lately Sarcorixis is gaining popularity because of its rework this patch.

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Agree, arena was once my favourites part of the game, I literally used to battle non stop even with full incubator slots and even arena coin capped…now its like a sewer (which is why its rat infested btw).

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Ive honestly not seen that one before, I love it lol

You should see my sarcorixis, I plan on keeping it on my team because of how good immobilize is, plus speed boosts, reliable turn 1 damage and a stunning (well 2 because of immobilize being a free setup turn AND a rat prevention for 2 turns) move

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Hmm ive got tons of DNA to level mine, maybe I should look into it =/.
I have seen someone on the forums promoting Cappy (the viking smilie thing) and form what I can tell it makes a good rat counter if boosted a bit, however the smilie DNA is only on Mondays and cant put Ceno’s in sanctuaries, and I cant get the Pachy DNA because I need to do arena for the dailies and its a sewer right now.

Sarco on the other hand is easy for me.

Ive also removed Rat from my team and replaced it with the HellFishFrog as its a good counter to Thor if faster with all its distractions, plus I live in L4 so rare FishFrog DNA is easy to get during the day.

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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(someone promoting smilo all over the forums)

(cough cough) that may or may not have been me

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Sorry didnt remember the name so didnt wanna look bad by giving someone else the credit hehe

Its all good. Just wanted to share the discovery, so i spread it all over the place on stuff that mentions rat.

Sarcorixis got a move rework and its having a field day. Ive been debating whether i should use it over Grypo due to being “more offensive oriented,” but it needs to be leveled badly since before this update dropped, Sarco was sewage

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Maybe thats why Sarco is making its way to the arena, coz it was sewage heading to the sewer lol.

And we have all heard the stories of Alligators in the sewer :stuck_out_tongue:

Level 30 gorgo way to go man! Mines 26