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Arena is underhanded

I fight a 4500+ group dragon with my 5500 group dragon and turns out i was totally annihilated without killing 1 dragon to the other group.

Somehow the computation are way off… my guess it would be a 6000
I dont have the match but

I have now DOUBTS challenging, like this


If I‘m right then Aurorch king was hidden in the middle, Revenger on the left, Toothless on the right. What was your strategy against these first 3 dragons?
What made you choose this attack team?

For sure you hit Revenger by matching, not Toothless, since Toothless’ spirit-down is deadly. You need some luck with your board since you‘re fighting against two spirit-speeders in the front and a huge tank that slows your attack down dramatically hidden in the back.

I was wondering why you took Pincher if you already have Tricky with you, especially since Tricky’s stronger bonus health buff could be overwritten? In my opinion a yellow with a strong hit buff or cleanse negative effects would serve you much better. Charsoul is good for Arena, but by leaving Fireshrike at home you got no dragon with an attack buff and there is no armor break dragon with you. No shielding (apart from Tricky’s bonus health) and decrease attack of enemies. Since there is only Flank as healer and she is slow, you don’t got massive healing.

So your strategy is neither “brutal force” since you don’t got enough heavy hitters / damage to all foes dragons for that, nor it is “defense of enemies down and attack of allies up”, nor it is “defense of allies up and attack of enemies down”, nor “heavy healing” nor “strong hit buff and crit chance”, nor a combination of any of these strategies.
These are only the common ones I know so maybe there is a different one that you’re using?

I’m asking about all that because BP numbers are only an overall view of the strength of dragons. If you don’t combine a proper team taking their abilities into account, these BP numbers are meaningless.

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Beside what Bee said, another reason may be that you are just being unlucky. And I guess your defense team should be earning you some more trophies with toothless, tricky, and charsoul in it.
It is hard to decide which dragon to hit first because revenger has counterattack ability, toothless has spirit down ability and auroch king has aoe damage. If possible I would prefer to attack auroch king first. Once revenger and toothless begin to use their ability and they still have much health, you are losing.
Seems although some players can enjoy the arena while there are still quite many who don’t quite understand the strategies. That must be why I still get matched with such strong team down there. Maybe I should climb up in the hope to find more players better at attack than defense.
BP isn’t everything. If you are facing some really good team like sawmaw, murmurquill and toothless, you can easily lose with 500more bp than your opponent.

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I have no complain about the “str vs wk”, or the strategy.
Usually i go for color advantage and focus fire. Specially if the enemy have counter.

My complain is about how shocked i am when i was defeated by a 4k dragons like my dragon are made of paper (a 5k dragons) hence the arena is unfair.

I cleared most red 3 star scale quests (7200 BP) with a special 5500 BP team without revives, team composition is worth much more than these numbers - plus there are some dragons that are incredibly strong because of their abilities, if they are paired with the right team mates they are much stronger than BP suggests.

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I guess my concern is not properly addressed.

When the 4500 dragon is not actually 4500 but a 6000 dragon(i guess). Your party will die even w/o the “str vs wk” or the ability, just plain attack.

My guess is that there is a bug that display the wrong BP

This kind of very stupid question or just straight you know the answer.

Can your 3 star dragon team beat a 5 star dragon team?

This has happened (and still sometimes does) to me, so if I’m understanding correctly (and @devimon_da, please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), what they’re saying is that even before, or without abilities used or in place (passive) their dragons are getting knocked out of the park.

Like, I have a fully maxed 5* Toothless, and I’ll go up against, say, a 4* Toothless, and it will do a single basic tile attack and it knocks down a whole third to even sometimes near dang half of his health bar in one hit (I’m assuming a crit or something). That can be the very first move of their team and I’m just left scrambling.

Normally I would just get used to it and build a strategy around this, but it happens so randomly, and so rarely, that it just reeks of being an outlier. I’ve had other Toothless up against me that are at 5* that don’t hit that hard.

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That could be, yes, I experienced this as well!


Are you speaking of maxed 3 star dragons or higher star dragons trained until 3 stars? Because I don’t have a 3 star team anymore since ages, I had a 4 and 5 star dragon team stuck at 3 stars though for a very long time.

I’m sorry to ask this, but this question seemed very random to me, may you tell my why exactly you asked me about 3 star teams? So I could give you a proper answer!


The 3 star maxed dragon vs 5 star maxed dragon. (It is just a sudden idea, when i was thinking of a sudden wipeout of my party)



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Depends on the teams. A well composed 3 star team (enough healing, armor break, attack up - I’m spontaneously thinking of dragons like Anveil and Torch with all foes damage) against a badly composed maxed 5 star team (support dragons only or very slow spirit speed, none with strong shielding, …) could work if your board is good enough. But I never tried such thing so don’t take it for sure!

Wait, why was the link flagged?

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??? I’m not sure