Arena is worse than ever..and i wont be surprised if it gets worse again

Arena is pretty much not a thing anymore because of the never ending match making issue. Now, it’s just “oh lets just do a random matching regardless of their level!”.

Whats sad is in general majority are in the Aviary. So those newbies who entered aviary have to suffer the wrath of players with near max level dinos.

I always perceived all games to have one goal, to be the best player. For you to progress, you need to go up one level at a time and face stronger players. But what chance do you have if at start you already face “boss-like” opponents because of the very high gap of you and your opponent’s dino level?

If high level players are getting very frustrated with how this awful matchmaking works, what more us new players who just doesnt stand a chance when we encounter these high level players? Please Ludia for the Nth time, fix the matchmaking you are very much proud of. You are losing players because in general they see a very huge roadblock that they just cant go through to progress. Focus on the problem before the problem hits you hard on the head.


I see I’m not the only one that is seeing this.
My team image vs this teamimage
I did get one takedown.

If it’s unbalanced even on equal grounds like in skill tournaments and among fully boosted teams in the Shore, imagine in lower arenas with some creatures way more boosted and leveled up than others…

Why would they fix the matchmaking when it is giving their chosen group what they want? Fodder to hit 10k trophies in 2 weeks. One player even has the gall to retire because there is nothing to achieve anymore.

Ludia doesn’t care about the bottom 99% so long as the top 1% of players get their ton of fodder.

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The changes in the Shore matchup shows you’re right…

I lobbied hard for half a year to a year to undo the 2 minute timer and have more reset points for seasons. When they finally happened, I was happy. Had a lot of fun after that since I was playing more battles AI or otherwise and didn’t feel like dropping was even moral.

Then 2.3 happened to undo all the good work Ludia has done. Now its really why not.drop? Morals? What are those? Fun? Losing 10 in a row isn’t fun. Rewards? Dsunscriptus is nice but not worth getting angry just to get a few thousand more.

Word. Well maybe because the small group they’re feeding are their accounts. Lol. Glorifying a few to serve the many. Disgusting

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the doedicurus and eremoceros…
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The top 1% aren’t happy either.
They cant match with each other anymore.

The “top 1%”, players with 10k trophies retiring…pathetic.

Well if you don’t take care of the new players and the other 99%, there won’t be anybody left to play your game. I’m losing interest by the day and I used to adore this game.

It’s come to the point where I am apologising for the utterly idiotic and demotivating matchmaking both in PvP as Tournament… my alliance who NEVER complains(!!) is sick of it… need to put down their devices several times before being able to finish their 10 tournament takedowns or dbi. I’m incredibly sad, disappointed and frustrated at this point and if Ludia thinks they can keep silent and leave things as they are they will be at least 50 members short within a week cause we’ll all call it a day.

Merry Christmas Ludia! I wonder how long are you going to wait before you give us our much deserved gift which is a better and more balanced arena experience

Top tier players are quitting because they feel arena is not up to their standards.
Newbies are quitting because their arena experience is very bad due to encounters with high level players and dinos.

Are you waiting for other players to follow and continue to allow this game to crumble or are you going to do something about this?


I don’t care about my trophy count at this point, but I would like to stay in gyro at least, and today I came very close to falling back into library! From a high of 6069 last month to low 5600s this month… it’s amazing how quickly (and badly) the experience changed when they switched up how shores matchmaking works. If anyone runs into me down near library, I’m not deliberately dropping, I promise!