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Arena issue

Anyone know why I’m constantly getting 20 trophies per win in the arena? Also I’m losing 40 trophies for every loss. Beat an insane team and got 20 trophies. Faced the person again and they destroyed me, lost 40…


what’s the current trophy system?
i lost 40 right now from a stronger team than mine.

before 1.9 i don’t remember loosing more than 30.

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I think it’s flipped. Beat strong = low amount of trophies. Beat weak = high amount of trophies.

is it like this yet?

20-40 but i really don’t remember loosing 40 before 1.9. i am scared. lost from stronger dinos and bye 40 trophs. maybe our trophy difference. a hobin hood system, guarantees i will give that player many trophs. and now guaranteed i stay -400 from before 1.9. maybe code helping encourage me to buy boosts, who knows.

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Lots of us are experiencing this. Report it to support - it has to be a bug. It’s so crazy I can’t stand it.

Nothing new with the win/lose ratio. Get punished for winning in arena all the time