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Arena Jumping


I understand that arena jumpers intentionally demote themselves in order to pursue more plentiful DNA of specific types but it is highly inconsiderate of other players who get forced fighting battles that they can’t possibly win. This can even force those other players into a lower arena. I think Ludia should stop this by making it so that no arena two or more below the highest arena level that a player has unlocked will reward incubators.


It doesn’t work that way as far as the DNA received from battle incubators goes, but people do still arena drop. Not offering a solution, just adding what I’ve learned from trying it myself.

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Some drop just because the arena is so screwed up, they get tired of losing. Dropping a few arenas makes it easier to get your daily incubators.

Hate the game, not the players. It’s designed this way. They’ve continually botched this game… It started in the very beginning when they did nothing to combat cheating, even enticing cheaters to come play.

Some of what you may be experiencing is a new cheat account working it’s way up the ranks. It takes about two days to get high level uniques, it takes longer than that to work your way up into Lockwood or Aviary.


Not every “Arenadropper” is a bad guy looking for some easy to win fights. I dropped by myself down to arena 2 fighting with an equal team as it is present “down” here. And I can tell you it is no fun to fight al these overleveld Sinos, Concas and Einias made with DNA from mission incubators. Out of 5 fights at least 4 are against an lvl 15+ sino.


Getting tired of losing so they force others to lose? You don’t have to drop a couple of arenas to start winning again. A few hundred trophies can make a big difference. No need to drop 1000 plus. The entire argument defends laziness and a lack of respect to other players who are actually trying to progress. That’s why I think Ludia should fix this problem by taking away any rewards that they would get.


I guess denying them their rewards would not be the smartest solution. They should just fix the way battles are matched. Instead of matching according to arena trohies, why not matching according to the average team level. This would solve a lot of these problems.


Have you considered going to a lower trophy count where you won’t encounter such difficult opponents? Or if the hard teams are all going to lower arenas, maybe going up would be the best way to avoid them?


I know what you mean. I play a level 10 team on my 2nd account in the low end of arena 3 and play against nothing but level 13 to 15+ alliance mission rewards. I like it down there because you don’t lose more than 2 battles in a row and get an easy BOT to play that is something other than alliance mission rewards. I have 32 different level 10 dino’s I interchange out all the time.

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Why do you have 2 accounts? Boredom?
It’s not like Pokemon Go where there are 3 different teams. :thinking:

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Mhmmmm, you believe dropping more than a few hundred trophies would only be the result of laziness, so anyone that happens to should be punished…

You should go work for Ludia, you’d fit right in with the destructive mentality of the developers.

What arena level are you at? Definitely not upper Lockwood or Aviary, I’m guessing. Dropping a couple hundred trophies can be a daily occurrence.


People drop arenas for MANY different reasons.
Maybe they seek less RNG and more fun.
Maybe they miss the old, easier arenas.
Maybe they want different DNA.
Or maybe, just maybe, they want to actually enjoy the game.
Just a thought…


I went from 4200 trophies to 3500 and then I stopped playing. Seeing dinos 3 to 4 levels above mine wipe the floor with just one dino got boring. I’m so glad I stopped paying for stuff and canceled my vip months ago. The game is boring now and pressing that battle button has given me anxiety because I have no idea if I’ll be matched with even leveled players or over leveled players just looking for an easy win or dna farming.

Ludia really dropped the ball here and they really need to implement some sort of plan to keep people from dropping and using super high level dinos to climb back up or farm dna.

I agree they should base match making on average dino level not trophy count.

Beating the dead horse here but maybe Ludia will listen if enough people do it.

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Well, I’m glad that I posted this because now I can see why this is so rampant. I’m astonished at how inconsiderate so many people are to other players.

I’m tired of losing, so I will waste your time fighting battles you can’t win, and maybe even knock you out of an arena you fought so hard to get to and need DNA from.

I’m nostalgic for arenas so screw your time. I want to take my team of uniques to the badlands.

I need DNA and rather than earn it where I belong, I’m going to smack some newbies around. Hey maybe they’ll quit! Bonus!

I’m just having fun and the only way that I can do that is to see to it that YOU DON’T.

There’s nothing sporting about this mentality. It’s pure selfishness. Kudos to the guy who created another account btw!

I wouldn’t be opposed to using an algorithm to match up battles based on dino level but I really would love to take the incentive away that is causing this behavior. Stop giving them incubators Ludia!



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I keep hearing this. If this was an effective way of doing the arena, it would already be in practice. The fact is, you can game that system just like you can drop trophies in the arena (use lower level dinos with high level ones to bring down your average to easily win fights). Also, not all dinos are created equal. I choose an entire team of 21 epics/rares and you’ve got an entire team of uniques. That’s not fun. When do i get a chance to play with my lesser used non-meta dinos? In our current system i can derank and use other dinos besides my top level tyrants in an arena that is appropriate to them. Not in yours.

The better idea (imo) is to create a level cap on each arena and have it delevel your dino if it’s too high. If the level cap is below the creation level of a dino, then that dino cant be used. It would let lower arenas be free of uniques and legendaries depending how low you go. It’s not a perfect system. Nothing is going to be perfect, but that idea has merit and still allows people to drop arenas to use different stuff.


Thanks for the direct message. I shouldn’t even weigh in on this stuff because I have no idea what it’s like to be in an arena where you’re facing teams better than yours. Now that I wrote that out, it just occurred to me that I do know still what that’s like. It happens every time I have a good run of luck with a pinch of skill tossed in for good measure in the arena. If the people you play consistently have higher team levels than you, it means you’re good at battling. If the teams you’re talking about are that much better than everything in the arena you’re in, they won’t be there long. Don’t underestimate how much DNA is available through event weeks and strike towers in this game for people willing to go out and get it. You may be playing players who prefer hunting and team building to the arena, which is totally fine and an understandable part of the game.

I only tried arena dropping once, and didn’t even have the patience to make it halfway down to whatever arena has irritator. I quickly realized I was getting less from DNA from incubators at lower arenas, and they all still had the same DNA variety from aviary. The one upside was getting to play with different dinos which was a breath of fresh air since my normal team always eventually bores me to tears.

All this is to say, if I’d been there to farm incubators and used my best team to do it, I’d have immediately began climbing back up to the arena where my team/play find equilibrium. In order to drop lower or remain lower, I’d have to constantly sub out and/or throw matches. That would take much more time and effort than just playing the game normally. Sorry your experience is salty enough that you’d make an account just to share those feelings with the world. I hope it gets better.


Your reply contained the usual condescension but at least contained intelligent thought this time rather than a gif of pure disrespect (ironic since my post is about respect for other players).

Actually, I think it’s worse in the lower arenas than any of you have experienced due to the fact that this problem has been exacerbated by the “Alliance Rushes”. These events grant each alliance one point for entering the arena and another for winning a battle. This encouraged a lot of high level players to drop way down before the contest started and then break out their high level teams so that they would win every battle once the contest started. Sure, as you stated, they eventually went back up in ranking and returned where they belong but not before trampling through the lower arenas and making it almost impossible for the people who belonged there to score enough incubators for the day. So to my point, these incentives need to be removed but instead Ludia seems to be encouraging it.


Dropping below 2500 is fun because then I get to use my Raptor team!


Next time tag me or at least hit reply under my post so I know you’re coming up with more malarkey to write in my general direction. I want to apologize up front this time, I really did try hard but only got as far as “condensation” :sweat_drops:


Naw, boohoo to you. If dropping arenas is the only way to win, then that is what Ludia intended. The player obviously doesn’t have a strong enough team to be in the current arena. They should drop.
Post your team. Let’s see why you are so salty.

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