Arena leaderboard showing last season results and prize

Is this happening to anyone else?

last season’s as December’s or last season’s as the end of January’s. January’s season isn’t quite over yet.

Yes. My entire Alliance showing last months Trophies and reward. Confirmed with multiple players.

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oh. i misunderstood the question.
I am also seeing this now that i look closer. (slightly higher than this seasons)

Sorry should have been more clear XD…

Also some people in my Alliance are showing zero trophies now… smh

Thanks for reporting this, our team has been made aware and they’re looking into things now.


The leaderboards seem to have resorted to end of last season scores.

It’s just happened

I also noticed this in my game. My leaderboard high score is lower than what it’s supposed to be and shows arambougiana as the prize.

I just updated app today to find that I lost Echo DNA I have received from my alliance’s teammates. Now the season rewards shows wrong info and display Arambourgiania as season reward instead of Stigymoloch.

Thanks for looking into it!

Hey everyone:


Thanks for the update

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Wrong rankings are leading to wrong matchmaking. My trophies last season were much higher than this and now matchmaking pairs me with people who is many many hundred trophies above me since update. Previously MM was OK all Stigy season, now it’s even impossible to get DBI.