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Arena level DNA


So now I am on 2700 trophies which means arena 6. If I drop to a lower arena lets say 1500 trophies…will I get more dinos from the lower arena in the incubators?


You get less.
That’s what happens when you drop on purpose

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I see…but you get the dinos from the lower arena? Because the only dinos I get nowadays is irritators and nundasuchus! This is lame though…I mean don’t get any good DNA for creation of legendary dinos! The only thing that helps is alliance but in the end it seems that everyone needs the same dinos!


Dropping arenas will give you a better chance at a specific dna… but you will get less dna per incubator.


The reason people drop arenas is to farm the dna from those arenas.
They get less, but they get what they came for!

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The answer to your question is YES, you will get more of the creatures from the lower arenas. However: You will get less DNA from each incubator, because you are in a lower arena.

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