Arena Level


Question: How can someone be in Arena 7 with a 2921 points before the battle? :thinking::roll_eyes:
Cheaters and Spoofers!:rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::roll_eyes::thinking:


Arena 7
Before we battle he has 2921 points then after the battle I won, 26 pts. He got down to 2895 pts.


You may have been in arena 7 and him in arena 6. I’m guessing your trophies were just above 3000 at the time and he was the closest competitor for you to face. I’ve friendly battled VS my wife before and even tho it shows one arena on my phone, she’s in a completely different one on hers.


You only saw him in your arena. To him, you were in Lockdown. You only see what arena you are in when you battle, not what your opponent is in.


Very true ive done the same thing with my wife. I’m having an issue with arena battles. Ive been losing like crazy and I have all epic and rare dinos on my team and have good battles but I’ve been noticing that my recent opponents have a way higher score than I and I believe if your trying to advance to different arenas you should battle people of the same score class as yourself. Its not really fair that I’m only level 8 almost and have to battle people that are way higher with dinos that are almost impossible to kill. Also there are cheaters and hackers because there have been times where one guy had 4 attacks in a row and I didn’t even get one in. Anyone else having this issue?