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Arena Levels for Tournaments

We all know that a player has to be in Badlands to compete in tournaments. I understand the minimum. My issue is this: the lowest-level player on my team who is in Badlands has a team full of legendaries. I remember when I had a full team of legendaries, I was at the upper end of Sorna. This is power-creep in action. Can ludia modify the minimum arena to allow tournament participation? Some of the people in my alliance who don’t qualify for touraments are some of the most active in weekly missions. I don’t want to have to remove good players or put unnecessary pressure on them.


remember that we play a game where there are people with level 13 epics in the bottom arena.

Don’t remove them, it will only hurt you. Some people only do like 3,0p0 points anyways. Kick the people that. Can do them and don’t really. @CADEN_EPIC ikr, most people don’t battle until they have epics. I was not this person tho. I was in badlands with 13s and 15s. Nice story but he way, keep it up. :+1:

The tourneys level should be lowered tho to like players at level 10 cuz there are boost tourneys that don’t even give them rewards. Don’t know if that higher or lower tho. It should be there choice to do tourneys.

I know, it’s just disheartening to see players that try so hard greet so little while the players who are still at 0 trophies and haven’t done va subtle tournament battle reap rewards. I want my newer, more motivated players to get into tournaments and feel like I can stop hounding those apathetic players for minimal effort. Let my good players contribute!

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