Arena match up are unbalanced

Call me a cry baby or whatever but honestly I think the arena right now is unbalanced. Just right now I went up against a person that is much overleveled than I am. My current Dinosaurs level are only 15-17 while my opponent was 18-21 also he had an indoraptor. Basically my chance of winning against him is zero. I honestly feel they should have match ups base on the dinosaurs level because going against someone that has level 20 dinosaurs makes the game less enjoyable.

Check here to see the amount of tropthy for the matchmatching

Having matchups based on dino level, so for example I am at 45xx trophies and I start putting level 2 purrusauro and argentinosauro and so on, being matched with new players but I for sure have more experience and skill and I will keep climbing the arena really fast… I don’t think this could work. I think is better to have matchmatching with minor difference in trophy, of course the time for matchmatching will increase, but I prefer to wait and have a fair match, instead of be instant ready to loose :see_no_evil:

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Thanks for all yours motivation in last Tournament. You gave me spirits to face my nightmare. I just try to play this game enjoy and never worry about lose in battle. I grow up at 475x now.Eventhough tomorrow will decreased i am stil enjoy.never think lose just think win. Sorry if I have mistake in my word.:thinking::grin:

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The answer your seeking is actually in your question. Yes matchmaking is unfair period but to make it more fair get a team to average lvl20 that way allot less players have better Dino’s so way more fun competitive matches it stinks but if you want fairer matches you gotta lvl them Dino’s up