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Arena Matching and Time Wasting

I’m so boring of waiting for battle without opponents
Today I’m waiting around 15 minutes for battle without any match was make
When u push battle button the game will process 2 screen before battle

  1. Searching for opponents 30sec count down
  2. Waiting for opponents 60sec count down
    So if there was no opponents for me why don’t Ludia let me play with AI, don’t process me to the waiting screen now i waited like this 10-12 times already. It wasting my time and it make your game look STUPID

I would like to see one waiting for opponent screen where if no opponent is found, it gives you a choice to continue waiting another minute or play the AI.


Totally agreed with you
But this game make do the things again and again w/o opponents

Any suggestion with this problem
waiting and waiting with no opponent and have to restart by touch the battle button again then
wait for 30s for searching opponentts
and 1 min for waiting opponents
and restart all over again and again

Absolutely agree.

The other day I experienced this…

Battle #1 - waiting for opponent… 60 seconds time out.
Battle #2 - waiting for opponent… 60 seconds time out.
Battle #3 - waiting for opponent… 60 seconds time out.
Battle #4 - loss
Battle #5 - waiting for opponent… 60 seconds time out.
Battle #6 - waiting for opponent… 60 seconds time out.
Battle #7 - win

Way to encourage people to play in the arena.

There should be one waiting screen not two, one timer and if the game doesn’t find an opponent or the opponent doesn’t respond then it gives you the option of AI.

Also the text that says “If the opponent doesn’t respond the match may be cancelled” is wrong, because it will be cancelled.

Please sort out the arena once and for all.


Totally agree. If after 60 sec my opponent doesn’t response (cuz he ran away), I should be able to able to fight AI then just being kicked from the match.


But it should be only in arena not in tournament. Cuz fighting ai in the tournament sounds stupid.

lol it’s got nothing to do with the actual opponent not responding it’s all to do with the connection.

Ik, I am just joking lol

Happy :cake: day

I’m sorry that is happening, T_T. There should be an option for you to battle an AI after waiting for a certain amount of time. If the AI option is not appearing for you, could you please reach out to our team at with your support key, if you haven’t already?


No no, you are mistaken.

The first waiting screen is “finding an opponent” that is when you get AI option if it doesn’t find one.

What this is talking about is the second waiting screen where you are waiting for the opponent to respond.


Hmm, interesting :thinking: . In my experience, that can happen when there is a connection issue during the matchmaking process. If the match doesn’t commence for me in a few seconds, I usually relaunch the game and it would connect me back to the battle.

However, if this issue is occurring more regularly, please reach out to our support team so our team can investigate things more closely.

I’ve been asking for the same thing. Lately, I’ve had so many of these connection errors - it’s extremely frustrating when the point of the 30 second timer is to get you a match within a reasonable time frame!

I also had that time out error during raids - interesting, because we were all greeted with the same screen. So who exactly was the game waiting on, if we all had the same screen?

This is so needed. I wish there was an immediate option to fight AI for every battle to allow players to test diff strategies/new dinos without risking trophies.

The second waiting screen does not need to be 60 seconds either. It’s a huge waste of time and I rarely connect after 15 seconds on that screen. Poor design by Ludia on that.