Arena matching system


I’m all about battling to be the best. I get that. However, there is no chance of winning when I get paired with who I was just paired with. He starts out with a level 28 stegodeus takes down two of my dinosaurs before TRex kills it. Fix this. He’s also level 20 and I’m level 14. There’s no way I could even beat him if I wanted to. Now I’m out of the 4th arena. There were other battles like this but this is the most absurd one. Found a level 24 indominus today and a level 28 Einiasuchus.


As you probably know by now, battles are matched by trophy count, not player level. So in this case, you ran afoul of a player who was dropping arenas to obtain DNA exclusive to lower arenas. It’s just a shame that they don’t often have the foresight to switch their teams before dropping.


I feel much of this problem would be solved if there was no incentive to drop arenas for irritator DNA, etc. They should make the (average) incubator rewards to be strictly better in higher arenas.


This is most dishonorable Samurai


I can understand your point of view, thus we all can please ask Ludia to enable more than one deck? Personally I don’t want to waste time always changing my team from the B to the A team when I need to make strike events and viceversa when fighting in the arena.
(I am not dropping down arena now, but I could do exactly like this if I need to drop).