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Arena Matching

I know a lot of people complain about the arena matching system, but what just happened to me should not even be possible. I have 5439 trophies so I’m in Lockwood, I get matched up with someone who has all 30s that are completely boosted. Whatever I’m used to it at this point, that’s not what bothers me. Immediately afterward I go to my recent battle and look at my opponent and they have 5589 trophies, we’re not even in the same arena. Is that an actual thing? Getting matched up against people in higher tiers than you? I’d rather just fight a bot.

Yes that happens a lot to me. I face people from Aviary and Lockwood Library in Nublar Shores a lot of times.

Have you read the forum in the last 3 years?
Because, sincerely, what you post is happening right now.

I finished last seaon in 5689. Now I’m falling and falling and falling. 5259 at this exact moment.

You complain about completely boosted 30’s…

Imagine what I am facing to be losing so many many many strikes (last 12 all uneven in favor of rival). 30x12 = 360 free trophies for Ludia’s unbalance system.

@Ned or any mod, just merge this topic to any of the 10000 topics already created. At least, if Ludia doesn’t want to keep game working, let’s have the forum kind of clean. XD


If you look at your opponent you see their highest trophy score. Not their current score. So they can definitely be in the same arena as you.

Ah ok that’s good to know, thanks for the info.

I actually specifically said the level 30s is not what I’m complaining about lol

At some point, yes. It is kind of complain because you say you are facing rival some arenas above you.

What you see, by the way, is the max rank of that player. That doesn’t mean he is literally there. He can be way lower.

Yes that was already pointed out by Tielenaar, I didn’t realize that and appreciate the answer to my question.

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I have been almost 300 trophies below my high score since Tuesday (not intentionally) so it is possible that someone is actually around your current trophy count and still have a much higher high score.