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Arena matchmaking

Today I leveled my Christmas tree to 21 and now all of a sudden the teams I’m matching up with are 3+ levels higher than me with several super boosted dinos. I’ve probably lost 10-15 matches today and dropped almost 300 medals. The matches are now one sided. Nothing else has changed why is this? Here is my line up

I fight pretty much only 24-28 level dinos. My team isn’t too different than yours.

Same here. No change from 1.8. Lots of 3-0 roflstomps.

How do you survive? Combination of good strategy and boost placement?

Which level are you in?

Boosts are pretty evenly destributed. Mostly only up to t5 in any stat. Proceratho and Utasino have a couple t6 boosts. I try to keep a well rounded team that can deal with most situations, tho rng does play a part.

Nice! I’m slowly getting mine there most of mine are around 5 to 6 as well. Thanks for sharing and reassuring it’s not just me running into these teams. Demoralizing sometimes