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Arena - More competitive times to play?

Is it just me, or are there times of the day/week when you tend to go up against opponents who are generally higher ranked than where you’re at?

I think there are times :smiley: I am from Europe and when it is night-time here I usually go down 100-200 trophies :smiley: but climb back up in the morning. Maybe the more competitive players (US, Asia,) are away from their phones that time of the day

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I’m central time zone in the US. I used to think battling at night was much harder than in the morning, but now it all seems about the same.

Are you trying to say Europe is less competitive? :thinking:


:smiley: I don’t want to offend european players. I guess maybe more people play outside of Europe but this is just my belief :thinking:

I also think I faced stronger opponents in the evening than in the afternoon (CET), so now I rarely battle after 19:00.

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I think I just played you not too long ago haha. You beat me :grin:

I, too am in CST and I think evening is more difficult for me. It took me 5 battles just to get one inc last night and I dropped almost 200 trophies. The best time for me seems to be late afternoon.

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Yes, we battled in the last hour. I was on a eight match losing streak and then fought you. I saw the name and thought, “Hey, I’ve seen that name on the forums!”

I’m glad I could help end the streak! :laughing:

Those are seriously the worst. It’s worse when you only get a 15 min out of it. But you made me realize how much I need Magna and how I have absolutely no counter for it.

Yeah, my Magna is still just a hatchling. I can’t wait to see what it can do when it grows up.

Aha don’t worry I understood your point :wink:

And if someone was thinking otherwise I’m just here waiting for the battle :grin:


Definitely yes. Let’s be honest, and no disrespect intended here, but Americans are more competitive overall.

I tend to find that my best time to win matches is in the morning (GMT) for some reason.

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I live in Europe and I find afternoon / early evening the best time.


I’m from the US but live in the UK, and I try to only battle in the morning otherwise I get slaughtered.

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I was sure I was up for a good laugh around here :joy:

If you were honest like you say, the most competitive country around here is Taiwan. Mic drop.


I can’t answer that as I don’t really know, but Americans in my experience are way too competitive.