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Arena needs some serious work

The arena in its entirety needs some serious calibration. It is severely imbalanced and rather unfairly matched. Also, spoofers and droppers need to be taken out because it is an unfair advantage for them to cheat on events.

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Yep. Facing dinos two levels above yours sucks but when you face level 21 and 22 once, it completely takes and fun out of the battles as it is pointless trying to win. When I see that sort if thing I just put the phone down or switch to Twitter or FB.

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Apart from what you mentioned, I got two “opponent wins” taking battle points while I was still in a match (after pressing battle the fight continued but the points won only compensated for the unfairly taken points) and just two seconds ago I struck a lethal strike, killing the third creature of my opponent but according to the game the opponent won! It’s ridiculous.

@AverageMeatsack I end up doing the same thing

@Poezzzie this same exact thing happened to me in two of my battles. The game would glitch out and even though I was winning 2 to 1. The match was given to my opponent through autokilling two of my dinosaurs which gave my opponent a redeeming victory. I have pretty much given up on arena.

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Had that too. This was different though, didn’t freeze or glitch, just told me I lost in the middle of a game or in the last case at the end. After restarting still got the win (game had ended before I went out) but again the points taken off after the false loss were gone and the winning points (for the exact same game) only compensated instead of adding… it’s mental

Yep, it’s obviously all rigged. Higher ranked players must be employees just to make players feel they must PAY to compete. I had my T. rex against another T. rex and he had priority over me (going twice in a row). Totally rigged as T Rex has NO priority!

speed tie, his trex was higher lvl or you were slowed before killing the prior dino.

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Higher level doesn’t increase speed

higher level takes priority

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But if it is the same level with same dino? Seems like the other player always gets the speed boost in every match.

thats because people are smacking the c**p out of the action button before it shows up

If you are facing an equal level, equal speed dino you should be mashing the buttons as the first button press gets priority.