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Arena needs to be fun again


There are quite a few things that prevent battling, which is an important, if not the most important, part of the game, from being fun. This thread is not about the arguable RNG, it is about 3 aspects, that turned battling into a struggle.

1. Unfair matchmaking
Facing opponents that have way better dinos tends to be the rule rather than the exception. It has always been a problem, but is has become ridiculous, especially because of many people…
–> Possible solution: Rework trophy system.

2… dropping arenas
There are several obvious reasons to drop arena, if you ignore the fact, that the time you safe to get incubators is robbed from other players. The game allows you to so, I know.
–> Possible solution: Once reached milestones like 3000, 3500 ect, you can no longer drop below.

3. Misscalculated dinos
Yes, pointing at you dracocera. From all the metas we had, this is by far the most annoying. Literally every game comes to fearing to drop HP under amount XXX and being slaughtered by damage that can’t be prevented. If is was a unique, that is hard to level up, well, ok. But is way to easy to level, facing quite a few 23+ at lvl 4000. The cherry on top is the ability to heal, which makes the 2 turn lock obsolet. (which is kind if ironic, since the lock is like the only thing that kind of balances this dino).
–> Possible solution: Admit misscalculation, bring counters, like priority before swap. (e.g. healing has priority before dsr damage).

These points need to be adressed, the game is shoveling its own grave.

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Must admit i found battles better the earlier stages of release when we didn’t have all this evasive/cloak and sia even though i have indoraptor and dracoceratops in my team i don’t use evasive unless i must also dracoceratops is more end game when i am about to take the l. Dropping arenas should stand as i have done before and will do it anoys the hell out of me but to get put up against people 3 levels higher woth dinos 4 levels higher is just not right losing out on 30+ trophies