Arena network bug

New update new bug :rofl:

This happens when i try play arena. Rhis bader than than the ild one as i cant take part in tournament and complete daily missions

Edit: the gameplay for petting and feeding and code 19 is very very laggy . It lags a lot. The dino freezes then continuees one step and again freeze

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I can’t even get logged in. Keeps saying “Connection to the game server lost”. I have a feeling the servers may be down.

No the rest of the game works fine for me

I just did the update, I’ve been trying for about 5 minutes now I finally just got it to log in otherwise I kept getting errors and I also couldn’t even see what message popped up at all. It vanished before I could even read it cuz of a disconnection.

Crop your picture to delete your support Key at the bottom. Don’t want to publicize that.

What can do with it

That personal to your game. I believe someone can steal it with that info.

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Hey @AngryDino, could you please send this info along with your support key to so we can check this out for you?

Thank you!

If your support key is exposed then someone might be able to hack you

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Everything works fine for me

You might wanna hide your support key