Arena Never Offering AI; Lots of Timeouts

I’m in the 5900 trophy range. Normally I get AI fairly often as the pool of matches is relatively small in this range. However, for the past two days, the 30-second “countdown to AI” timer keeps switching to the minute-long “countdown to battle” timer and timing out. I have not gotten a single AI, but I’m getting 3-4 timeouts before I get a successful match for battle. Restarting doesn’t help. My Internet is fine. Fellow players are reporting lots more timeouts than usual in the GamePress JWA Discord, as well. I think something’s wrong.

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Yea I’m getting this a lot recently too at 5700 trophy range… Can take 5 or 6 attempts to finally get an opponent (with no option of AI), and then no doubt lose and have to go through the process all over again


I had this issue as well this morning 5 or 6 times in a row. Around 5900 as well.

I’ve had this occasionally in the 5200-5400 trophy range also. Defeats the purpose of AI matching when the opponent times out multiple times in a row.

Hey there, Castal. Could I ask you to reach out to our support team at with your support key so our team can take a closer look at this for you?


I have this issue too. I am in Lockwood Library.
Takes ages and several restarts to even get an opponent - then when I do, the match often times out. This can happen when I do the strike events too - it still says “waiting for opponent to respond” then times out

I recently had this issue too, took me 7 battles timing out until I finally decided to restart my phone and that fixed it. But it’s a shame that this is even possible in the game. I’m at the 5700-5800 range and it takes a long time to get matched, and then to see it time out multiple times in a row is just disheartening… Please look into this Ludia