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Arena now really broken

After update game Arena freezes everytime no matter if you win your loose. So result always in a loose. Played 5 matches and now really Fed up with… Why cant Lydia first test their updates!!



Hey Sophie_Landman, I’m sorry to hear that you’re still having freezing issues after the update. Please rest assured that our team is still actively looking into the freeze and lag issues that some players are experiencing.

I just had the same thing, but I waited about 3 minutes and it eventually figured out I won. :smirk:

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Something to try until they fix this bug: when it freezes at the end of the battle, leave the TU app without closing it. (I switched to Discord and commented that my arena battle froze. :joy:) Then navigate back to your TU app. Mine froze 4 times at the end of the battle and three times this worked to break the freeze and kick me to the winner screen.

Strange that this has been working for you because, as far as I had tried, pausing the game with artificial disconnections wouldn’t change a thing before the update. Of course, I’m not getting the freeze bug anymore. Or rather, the board and dragons may freeze sometimes but if I wait a bit they resume on their own. Which is okay-ish.

@Sophie_Landman You ghosted in reverse here. Like, when opponent teams going ghost, but… from your side. :smirk:

My device is pretty fast and even I have to wait for some time until game takes me to the victory screen since the update - it‘s only slow, you have to be patient. That may explain why switching to another app worked, you were simply waiting long enough.

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