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Arena opponents being way higher than me


So im currently in the marshes and had touched the aviary for one match. The level disparity between me and my opponents are absurd. My highest dinosaur is a level 20 alosinosuarus but many of my opponents are high 20’s some touch 30. Now sometimes i get lucky with crits and pull the win but this is getting annoying


Happens to all of us.
And how did you get to the aviary if you’re all the way in the marshes?
Sorry about the crits and stuff.
Its hard to even dodge these days


Yeah, these dudes are often droppers. Guess u faced one who decided to climb back in upper arena.

When will Ludia do something to prevent these cases? It sucks and is no fun; they should implement something in the game that prevents high lvl teams from battling in low arenas.

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Avery is too high for you atm


My mistake its the one up from marshes. I didn’t remember the name


All of us face the same, no matter the arena you’re at. That’s life.

Not necessarily droppers. Simply players who believe that over-levelling their average dinos will take them further up and then stay at the same place forever.


I mean, Suchotator isn’t that hard to overlevel, it’s 2 commons. Regarding the pic. Idk what else you face.


Think in this way : if you find yourself constantly facing people with a team that is overall higher level than you, that means you are playing better because you climb to this rank with lower level dinos. You achieve something those need higher level Dinos to achieve !

Don’t take it to the heart and just do your best !

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My “average dino” Suchotator, level 29, has taken me all the way > 5,200 trophies in the birdcage (aka Aviary). Nothing wrong with over leveling - it’s making good use of resources you can get as opposed to waiting for those that take a very long time to obtain.

That said, anyone who has a 28 Suchotator in the swamp is most likely an arena dropper.


Happens that you face to high opponent.

Had a pleasure meeting this team today at 4700 trophies, on its way up to 5000+ trophies. My highest dino is lvl 25 Indo, while team average is 23.


Did the dodge work?


The step from Marshes to Ruins is one of the hardest.

You’ll get there, keep chugging away.

Right now the arena is a mess, it gets better, it gets worse, just keep battling.


Yeah the dodge worked once lol


I just played 5 matches in a row in Lockwood where the lowest level Dino was a level 25 indo, most were 28+, my team is 20-22
Goes without saying I lost all of those matches, but seriously, how long until something is done with this matchmaking?


Obviously suchotator is not so average. It’s a very versatile dinosaur that having a bit more damage would surpass many legendaries. But still people over level it compared to the rest of their team. You can easily find an average team level of 16 with a suchotator at 23.

That’s what I meant. Same stands for other dinos such as miragaia, gorgosuchus, allosaurus, einia, etc. Those are frequently at level 23 along with dinosaurs 5-6 levels lower.


High 20’s in Sorna is odd. I just got out of Sorna, and I found legendaries reaching up to level 20 and the occasional unique here & there. Sometimes people intentionally demote themselves to increase their odds of getting incubator material from a lower arena, but I don’t think they’re that common. Still though, I think it would be a good idea to allow players to pick their favorite arena-unlocked dinosaurs for incubators to choose from instead of adding everything into one pot of possibilities. That would take away the reason for self-demotions.


Also notice that as time passes, expectations in different arenas will also increase. We recently got the opportunity to dart a bunch of legendaries and uniques. We also have alliance missions supplying us generously with good Sinoceratops DNA. This goes for everyone, so naturally, you will have to fight boosted opponents in every arena from now on. A friend of mine is fighting with a level 14 Sinoceratops & Concavenator, and he still hasn’t reached a thousand trophies. Before, that would’ve easily brought someone to… Where? Badlands at 2,000 trophies?


But what’s wrong with over leveling? It takes a very long time to level a rare to 29. Even if my Suchotator is 3 levels above my average, she’s not OP.

I’d be more concerned with all these end game uniques (Tryko, Erlidominus) players are now using in the lower arenas (thanks to the event) that are definitely above their team and experience level and OP for those arenas.


Over levelling is simply the worse strategy long term. A waste of DNA and coins that may give you a slight advantage early on but makes you fall behind and get stale with no chance to progress later on. You just have to look at where all those players with high level miragaias are standing.

Let’s forget suchotator. I’m talking as a general strategy, not about one single dino that happens to show on the OP’s screenshot. Suchotator is useful medium term and always for strike towers.


I’ve been playing strictly level 10 dino’s on my 2nd account and thanks to the alliance missions, face Sinoceratops, Einiasuchus and Triceratops Gen 2 3 to 5 levels higher than my 10’s. Almost every battle against a real person has a Sinoceratops level 13 to 15 against my all level 10 team.

I still beat them some times.