Arena Opponents

Can anyone shed some light on how this battle could have taken place.

I am slightly over 4000 Trophies. Last night I battled someone with a lvl 5 Suchomimus. a lvl 3 something else and a lvl 3 bird.

My theory was that they got busted for cheating and were stripped of the lvl 30’s they had (possibly), and they are battling their way down the tiers.

I have experienced this once before. I don’t mind the win, but it seems odd.

a lot of people drop trophies and arenas to farm specific dinos. its pretty common

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Makes sense. 1966? Have anything to do with your DOB? Just making sure I’m not the only fossil playing. LOL


The bad lands has a higher chance of scoring irritator and Monolophosaurus DNA from incubators. Some players drop down to get those incubators instead. It takes ages to lose that many battles so people will put In the worst Dino’s they have.

nice info. thanks

lol noo, i’m 25, thats just the model of a guitar i have :joy:

They’re just dropping arenas. A cheater wouldn’t still have the trophies to battle you with 4000+ trophies

1966 fossil here! :blush::older_woman:

1965 here. Still young at heart

Now I really feel old. :bearded_person: