Arena : Post All Advantage Epic Tournament

Not sure about other arenas but in Gyrosphere (and to a degree Aviary) I am seeing a lot of the creatures that people levelled and boosted for the tournament. There are a lot more Procera and Rixis roaming around and I have also seen a Brontolasmus and an I-Rex G2. Interesting side effect and a welcome one to increase the variety.

I posted this elsewhere.
That is one mammoth of a boosted creature


Woah - that’s one big Mammoth :laughing:

I think its great - people finally have a reason to give some love to creatures that are normally just hybrid ingredients. Alliance points (for all their flaws) are driving this forward.


Well it’s basically not great for me, since I was 2-nil up and then that thing came out and wiped out the rest of my team😣
But I guess it’s good to see these creatures :upside_down_face:

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