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Arena Power Shift

So at the beginning of the season I reached 5200+ trophies, and since the shuffle and 2.2 I haven’t even seen the Library. The 4900+ range in the Aviary looks like the highest I’ve ever seen of the Library thus far.

Is this just the new norm now? I’m getting throttled by absolutely everyone when I reach the top of the Aviary, and it just seems like I’ve been forced to take a step down somehow. The boosts and levels on the teams I face are not how it was. Anyone else noticing the same pattern?

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I constantly face players with creatures lvl 27-30 deliberately dropping (picking first moves only or keep swapping all over) I’m lower library so eventually they’ll be reaching upper Aviary.

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You are seeing the affects of people holding off on boosts. As someone who is usually in the 5700-5900 range, I’m currently sitting floating between 5300 and 5600. I have been only slowing adding back boosts and have two dinos completely unboosted while I decide what to invest them in. As people finalize their boosts they will move up and out of your arena and you too will move up.

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I certainly hope so. It’s at the point where creatures I normally wouldn’t struggle against are leveled and boosted so high it’s not even a game, it’s pure survival.

i’ve fallen down in the rankings as well (granted im not boosting anything, so that was a given) but i used to be able to stay in the 4900s, now im down in the 4700s.

Completely unboosted? What’s your team?


I think there are a few things contributing to the arena being like it is. We don’t have a stellar reward this month it’s good but not great. On top of that the boost event changed the meta especially in avairy and low library.

I think another factor is people in general are playing arena less and focusing more on raids. So people that could climb just aren’t motivated to do so. Easier to get easy wins fill your incs get your dbi and focus your efforts on raids.