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Arena problems

Ok I’ve been trying to deal with in game support since the START of this season but considering your ability to send screen shots to support is also broken at this time they haven’t been all that helpful and keep just asking me irrelevant questions.
This is the typical start of a new season your rank drops and you get to claim a number of places coins and gems etc and then the season starts as normal. These screen shots are from my husbands account.

Now this season reset on my account I got to claim NOTHING this put me out tons of arena shop coins that every other player got which during the meatlug event would have been helpful to buy the trust and also gems which who doesn’t need gems… what can be done about this???

Seems perfectly normal to me. What do you expect to claim?

Do you mean you can’t collect the medals and runes after reset? The buttons don’t work?

I didn’t even have the option… those screen shots are from my husbands account I wasn’t able to claim anything on mine nor did I even have the option. This was the first arena season it glitched like that.

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To clarify completely the screen shots I shared are examples of what is meant to happen at season reset. Their all completely normal and as they should be however on my account I didn’t have the option to claim any medals or gems the option didn’t even appear for me… so I missed out on A LOT of medals and gems…

So any screenshots of your account?

There was nothing to screen shot lol the buttons didn’t even pop up for me it was like the option never even existed :woman_shrugging:t3: Also didn’t think this would be yet another glitch so I didn’t think to take a before and after of my arena standings drop
I was expecting to just end my season claim my stuff and start over like usual I didn’t expect another aspect of the game to be broken :disappointed:

What level did you drop to? I think there’s a certain rank where you can’t collect runes and medals. So if you dropped too low, you probably didn’t have rewards to collect. :confused:

If you have, for example, just over 1800 trophies, you would have nearly nothing to collect after reset.

He dropped from 1304 to the 600s and had all that I was above 2000

I dropped from just over 2000 I don’t remember the exact amount :disappointed: but considering he dropped from 1304 and had stuff to collect I should have to :disappointed:

@Eureka13 hmmm… I’m sorry. Maybe they can figure out what happened. :thinking:

I’m sorry to hear that you were having issues with your Arena after the reset, Eureka13. Sadly, as this seems to be account-related, our team will need to take a closer look at your game account to see what might have gone wrong.

If you had already been in contact with our support team, please continue your messages with them, and they will be happy to try and figure this out for you.

If you’re having trouble sending screenshots, try toggling off your Support Privacy Protection from the in-game Settings.