Arena ≠ Raids

It’s time to get raid specific moves out of the arena. Yes, there are some things that you NEED in raids in order to succeed, but there’s no reason to carry them over to the arena other than just not wanting to code it that way. Tournaments and raid bosses show that it is possible to attribute different parameters and move sets to different locations.

Let’s get raid stuff out of the arena - things like instant group heals and instant group acceleration, that sort of thing. This only contributes to way more power creep and is perfectly exemplified by Dilocheirus. I have seen MANY people write how adding it back to their team after the buff allowed them to climb 200 trophies in the arena, and other say they won 10+ battles in a row by adding it. That’s a sign… a bad sign.

The power blitzkrieg (let’s face it, it is far more then ‘creep’) in this game is untenable.

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Here is another example of why raid moves and arena moves need to be separated… Super Distraction, being an already stupid move notwithstanding, having it like this in the arena is just dumb. Especially when the nonsensical description only confuses things…