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Arena Rework Please!


Help me out guys… lets get our heads together and come up with a solution to this broken arena and hopefully @Ludia_Developers will adapt some of our ideas. i dont have all the answers but i do have a couple ideas that i would like to throw out there.

Base each arena by rarity and dino level and by trophies. once you break into the next arena you can not compete in the prior arenas but you will still recieve arena exclusives from it just as it stands now. this will keep matches friendly for novice to expert and this will stop droppers.

But what if i dont like to compete in the arenas but i have alot of over leveled dinos?? well, you can still compete untill you reach the appropriate arena but you can only use the appropriate dinos for each arena untill then…

so my proposal(rough draft, just ideas):

Arena 1: commons only (levels 1 through 10) Trophies 0-1000

Arena 2: rares are now introduced (levels 10 through 15) Trophies 1001 - 2000

Arena 3: epics are introduced (levels 15 to 20) Trophies 2001- 3000

Arena 4: legendaries are introduced( levels 20 to 25) Trophies 3001- 4000

Arena 5: uniques are introduced (levels 20 to 25) Trophies 4001- 5000

Arena 6: All out war(levels 25 to 30) trophies 5001 to top rank.

just an idea that ive been thinking about. lets hear yours please!! we have to get this fixed asap.

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Match by Team Level, not Trophies!

just an idea and the levels of dinos could be tweaked. im just trying to find a solution to control overlevelling dinos.


My proposal would be not so restrective, but is very similar. LEVEL CAPS are necessary to me right now, especially after the.alliance rush event. But it gets higher every arena and not restricting the lower level dinos. Rarity doesn’t matter and to me it should be out of any restriction.
As an example:
Arena 1 max level 3 dinos
Arena 2 max level 6
Arena 3 max level 9
And so on
With the possibility to choose before battling (and in base at your dinos’ levels) in which arena to fight in.
So if you want to play in the last arena with a level 20 dracoceratops you still can do it. And if you want to try to farm certain dinos you still can do it too. In this way teams can be mixed up in a way greater way and would allow players to play with a greater number of dinos.
The levels are an example, it could be built in an other way. The must have to me is level caps

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This is the totally unfair