Arena Rework

well, today jwa is a mess because of those matchamaking problems so i decided to put level caps on arena.
fallen kingdom: creatures below lvl 10
mt sibo:creatures below lvl 13
ss arcadia: creatures below lvl 14
jungles: lvl 15and below
badlands: lvl 16 and below
lockdown: lvl 17 and below
marshes:lvl 18 and below
ruins:lvl 19 and below
estate:lvl 20 and below
aviary: lvl 26and below
library: lvl 28and below
gyro:lvl 30and below
shores:as usual


That’s going to be impossible

Welp, I cant use my indominus and Dracorat

Arena lock should be a thing. That’ll stop droppers. Also can you boost some of the lvl caps up?

u can still use them but they will be set to 17 max

aviary 24 to 26?

oh, I didnt understsnd, sorry

They should ideally incorporate on or two of these changes to make the PvP Arena less frustrating for low-midgame players:

  1. Level caps on the arena, as you have suggested.
  2. A cap on the amount of boosts one can put on a creature in each arena.
  3. Invent a system to calculate the number value ‘power’ of a creature. Higher level, more power, more boosts, more power. Then install a system to calculate the total power of a team, and pair it with somebody with similar team power when match-making.
  4. Invent a system to read the amount of boost tiers on a creature. It will activate when match-making. If option 2 is disqualified, this can also help stop nitro creatures. The more boosts you put on a creature, lesser is the chance you’ll get it in battle - so less of 140+ speed T-Rex’s running around.

If any of these options are put in place, a monthly boost reset is required to distribute boosts among one’s creatures.
For higher level players: Since it is not possible to get a team of creatures less than 4 in number, extensive boosting required to hold out in higher arenas won’t take away your chances of getting your desired Scorp G3 or Deer. If you have consistently boosted all your creatures, you will have around the same chance of getting each.


This sounds like a good idea on paper but it really isn’t
Aviary lv 26 means that a lot of players either can’t use their lv 27+ creatures or are gonna get level capped so all of them are 26

Probably capped

More arenas, there’s like 16 arenas in clash royals and it would make everything less crowded.

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