Arena ruined


It’s pretty much impossible to battle a human player anymore in the arena. Just over powered bots. It’s made the game unplayable to me.



Yep I will second that - Time to cancel the VIP and leave I think.
I have been playing since the start of the Beta and there is no way all these legendary and Unique’s were acquired through normal game play.


Fully agree with this. The battle match system is not working. In the previous arena I was lined up against much lower level dinos than me, which is also not fun because I was winning all the time without effort. But now I am in the lockdown arena and here I get lined up against players that are many levels higher than me, which means now I am not abel to win anymore. And the stupid thing is that when I look into the leader board, around me I see players with are more or less the same level dinos than me, but when I click on battle I am still aligned with players that are way higher than me. I am keeping VIP until next month but if nothing changes I’m stopping this game. And yes I bought a few incubators and I got 1 legendary. There is no way those players with all legendary teams are playing the game normal. Even the new hybrids that came out with the update a few days ago, I already saw players who had them?! Either they cheat (spoof) to catch many epic ones and get the epic DNA that way, or they spend a lot of cash on incubators. (buying 1 or 2 incubators will not give you 1 legendary given the amount of epic DNA required to create legendary DNA etc.)


Okay guys firstly calm down… I’ve been in arena 5 - 6 for quite some time and especially the matchups in lockdown are completely normal. The AI in arena 5 used to have these dinosaurs already so be glad you can rank up to arena 6. I used to get stuck at 2100, now i can sometimes get above 2500.

Second of all; if this is not now, then it will definitely be for a couple of month(s) but these kind of dino teams will apear anyway sooner or later. You have to be true to yourself: if you can’t beat a dino team your team simply isn’t good enough, period.

I’ve been fighting these teams left and right for quite some time now… And even with just DECENTLY leveled commons i still slaughter entire epic and legendary decks. Sure not all of them but if you play it smart with decent levels you can win. Dont expect to win with full epic level 12 teams because it will NOT happen.

Lastly and most impprtantly; if you actually read the patch notes. Ludia is working on a solution for players who are actually cheating. So sooner or later all those ‘hardcore’ legendary dino teams who are there by hacking, cheating, spoofing,… might just disappear.

Sure certain players can buy loads of dinosaurs and be top 100 but who cares? Im here to catch loads of dinosaurs myself for the fun, not be top 500. When i come home i battle left and right; win and lose; and repeat until my dino team grows stronger. Its just a matter of how you like to play the game. Players who pay are also needed: the game needs an upkeep to stay alive so better be thankfull. Sooner or later the top 500 will be filled with these kind of players unless you actually actively go outside and catch all sorts of crazy dinosaur yourself. But you can’t expect to have a decent dino team right away and instantly gain the right to get into lockdown arena - its supppsed to be challenging!!! If you want to beat them now then join them; go buy loads of incubators. Its impossible for a normal player to have decent amount of legendaries unless paid or
hacked thats for sure. My max epic is 14… Or lets say almost all my epics are 13-14. They level somewhat even lol.


They are NOT all bots . Some of then spoof so they can get dna for certain dino in few hours and some of them spend lot of money on epic incubators.
But yes i agree 70-80% are bots


Check their player level and check their dinos. Easy to spot a hacker and most at the top are definitely hackers.

Buying epic incubators does not give as much DNA as you might think. You’d need to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars and you’d still not end up with lvl +20 of the strongest hybrid creatures.


I don’t care if I lose, I just want it to be against a human. The minimum time spent searching for a human opponent has been removed.
Before this patch, it used to take me approx 45sec to find a human to play against. You could cancel the search and start it again, because if you didn’t, you’d come up against a Ludia created bot. Now, you’re in a match against one of their bots within moments, meaning, going by my approximation, you’ve got a one in 45 shot of coming up against a human.
I mean, start a battle and look at the name of these over powered teams you’re facing. You won’t find them on the ranking list.
Again, don’t care if I win or lose. I like a challenge. Just bring back the wait times for finding humans so we can actually play the game please


Ah ok I didn’t realize that the bots are still there, they have been given names now? This explains why I am matched against a team that is many levels above me.


I completely agree with Shannon and the others… In the previous update it was actually possible to choose if to battle a player or a bot (by simply waiting 20 seconds and then canceling the search for an opponents if we wanted to fight a player or waiting 30 seconds for getting a bot). And, excluding a dozen players in the ranking list that clearly were not legit, most of the other fights against people more or less at the same level. (as a matter of fact the overwhelming majority of the players in the top 100 had the same 10 dinos ranging from level 10 to 16). Climbing the ranking was a fair challenge, as it was fair losing against other players

Now it is impossible to climb the ranking list by fighting bots with dinosaurs at level 20-22, or teams made up only of legendary and epics.

At least let us face the AI with level 16-18 dinosaurs since they are also in the system (we got paired with one of these every two losses). Currently it is barely impossible to increase your position in the ranking list with a ratio of 2 losses -1 win on average.


Wait until you have a team like this (picture below), i’m sure you’ll be complaining less. My level 19 einia pretty much demolishes 2 dinosaurs 9/10 times AND it even outlevels the ‘op’ AI. Even my other dinosaurs start to do incredible amounts of dmg. If its a player its pretty much a no-show unless countered by dmg reductions, speed or lucky crits. My euplo tanks all those nasty high level tankers and sure occasionally you lose. Eventually the AI will be at a max level just like you (25-30). Give it a month or two and we’ll all be in the top arena if we only have to fight this rubbish AI. Its painfull to see them lose hard even with legendaries - most of the time it uses them completely wrong and are easily countered with the right dino (or just insane dmg). Once you do dmg and outplay them you can outsmart the AI easily; but it still remains challenging and you will lose from time to time.

Sure AI could use some balance as in dino levels but imo its way too easy to climb vs players, at least for me. The AI was my issue one / two weeks ago when i was stuck at 2100. Now im rising at 2536, only fighting here and there for incubators mostly against AI. Most top 500 decks are a complete joke and other then 1000 retries without going for incubators im not quite sure how they actually got up there. Top 100 is actually decent. Even my deck isn’t very good just the high levels help out tremendously and increased rarity - i only recently started switching commons for decent level rares. Their moves are more versatile thus more counterplay. Meanwhile im seeing level 12s, 13s in top 200 LOL what is this sorcery… If you can’t beat the AI in arena 6; dont expect to climb. Arena 5 is already very rewarding. Give it time people; go out and hunt. Level your dinosaurs and you’ll beat the AI in “no-time”. Come back once you have a full +15 team with high level hybrid spikes. And don’t expect it to happen in one day, even a week unless you play really hardcore. (:

Don’t get me wrong i also want to fight players again but at some point you’re only fighting the same players i guess; especially higher ranks. The AI lets you learn more about other, high rarity dinosaurs which is very interesting vs seeing the same dinosaurs over and over again. But it could definitely use some tweaking here and there with regard to PvP matchmaking. The AI is brutal but fair once you have the rare+ leveled dinosaurs.


The battle system is COMPLETELY broken.
Even if you disregard the above

Work out how a Level 12 Velocraptor can take down a Level 12 Epic (Doesnt matter which) in one move.

The battle system is super frustrating - especially when you come up against level 20 Dino’s.

Add to the the VIP system - $15 a month here in OZ - FOR WHAT???

Extra Drone range
Cash drops - Limited to 20 a day.

The beta was quite good - however it is going downhill at a rapid rate.


Goodness. If you don’t like extra drone range, extra battery duration(when darting dinos), and the rest, just don’t bother. It’s not like you’re tied down to the VIP if you don’t like it after the first month of trying it out.