Arena’s 10 wins incubator reset counter - bind it with UTC midnight



right now new arena’s 10 wins incubator counter seems to be tied up with the very first time you got it, so for me it’s 10pm and it also seems to be unchanged no matter at what time I’ve started or filled the 10 wins counter:

Could we have reset just on new day - UTC 0?

So for example my daily fights also will be counted there, no need for fights marathon before bedtime? :thinking:


Ya, a specified reset time would be good.

Currently, time passes as we battle to earn those 10 points and the reset timer is ‘pushed forward.’

Eventually it will reach the odd hours of like 1am to 6am, which is insane to wait and do battle, just to maximize the countdown timer.

End of the day, it’s neither efficient nor healthy for us. :yum: