Arena’s fights Replay/Record


Hi, do you mind to add arena’s fights replay/record feature?

Technically it could be some lightweight text/scripts based solution, as all models and animations already bundled into the app.

Probably you already have some draft implementation for development/testing purposes, so it would be great for user experience and social sharing (with ability to export as movie) and would be great for the app marketing too :wink:


You can record your game with an IPhone but you’ll need YouTube to upload it!


Hi @Lian, that’s right but it requires some effort and effortless solution will raise up numbers of feature usage.


Totally agree, I am 37 and don’t have any familiarity on this and I don’t want to download external apps to make a video about my battle… It will be very good it this feature will be implemented! :star_struck:


The youtube gaming app works good for that


Hi @TheMaxx, it seems to be working on Android platform only, right?


That’s what I use it on. I’m not sure if it’s exclusive to Android but it might be. My iphone is too old to test it on.


I’ve checked reviews at the AppStore and most popular was about the missing feature, so as mobile developer I’m not surprised: Google and Apple have very different rules/ecosystems and both have own pros&cons.