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Arena’s should have a creature level limit


To my opinion all problems with purposely dropping and climbing as well as spectacular Legendary / Unique events in lower arenas could be nullified by simply restricting the level range of the creatures battling in it. No problem if you’re dropping because you’re in need of specific dna but battle creatures there that make your opponents stand some sort of chance. Legendarys and uniques DO NOT BELONG in Fallen Kingdom, Mt. Sibo, Arcadia, Nublar Jungle. The level 16’s maybe in Badlands or Lockdown but surely no sooner than that. But not only uniques or legendarys. Someone just starting out encountering a T. rex level 15 in Arcadia is also pretty sad. I don’t understand why this isn’t an option for Ludia…


Arena are purely cosmetic. You see the Arena you are in your opponent sees the Arena they are in. So you could face an opponent in an Arena above you and be restricted to weaker dino’s than they can use.

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Not quite. You will only face players in the same Arena as yourself. The cosmetic is for friendly battles where you’ll both just see where you are in the Arena.

But I keep saying that each Arena should be dinosaur level specific. I’ve thrown out there numerous times and no one ever listens.


I like this idea, but there’s one problem with it - what happens when people get kicked down to a lower arena, but all of their dinosaurs are leveled higher than what that arena allows? I suppose you could force them to be lower levels (some games do just that), but then they could still lower themselves too much and be a nuisance to people just trying to get to the next arena.

I like the idea of forcing people to stay in their respective arenas once they’ve made it up there. Allow people to change the arena background after it’s been unlocked, and perhaps allow people to choose which arena incubator they get.


I think the recent St. Patrick’s day event will make this idea almost impossible. I’ve seen teams with average level dinos of 14-15 and a 21 Erlidom. That’s going to make things messy.


I think it should be dino specific and level specific. Cant use but certain dinos in each arena. The higher you get the more dinos you unlock for the arena. Could also make it to where you cant drop out of your current arena. Just stick at lower trophies needed for arena until you can win and move up

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This idea has been around for a while and the numerous reasons it cant work have been discussed in great length. Level and dino limitations dont work. The arena is no where near as unbalanced as people say, you will ALWAYS face stronger and weaker teams because we control which dinos to level how much and skill puts us at a specific trophy range. Putting limitations based on any of these factors discounts player skill, component availability… I could write a novella here…

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Instead of trophy level being used to match battles, your current team should receive a team score and match battles using team score. Then if somebody wanted to battle some of their lower level dinosaurs, they would put them on the team. Then when they get matched for a battle, they would be battling a similarly scored team.

There is a pitfall though in what happens if somebody puts one level 30 on there team with seven level 10’s because that one level 30 is enough to single handedly wipe out a team of 10’s. To counter that, the higher the level dinosaur on the team, the more weight it adds to your team score. So now that team of seven 10’s with one 30 would be facing teams that may be filled with level 23 to 26 dinosaurs.

Trophies would still be awarded and taken for wins/losses, but those trophy awards would also be based on the team score you are battling with.

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Easy way to circumvent this is that instead of banning, every creature at higher level will be nerfed to the highest possible level of that arena.


Erm, first off, may I ask what arena are you in? If you are up somewhere above Ruins, you have no freaking ideas how bad it is down in lower arenas these days. Having a Thoradolosaur in Nublar Jungle discounts any player skill too, just so you know.

This system works in Pokemon Go, it can work here.

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Skill isnt a problem. In fact that’s what this game should be about. But it’s not because high level players with high level creatures can enter any arena they please. I also dropped and I’m climbing back but with dinos levelled compatible to the rest. It should be impossible to rank (back!) up with idiotically high levelled creatures over the backs of starting players. All the rest (skill, knowledge etc) should make it just as easy to climb back up with equal creatures instead of just rushing through them using legendary creatures. Yet, the chances on both sides are better levelled. It’s not that hard to accomplish and it does make a big difference in the experience I think.

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I have a idea.

How about we Rairty Lock dinosaurs.

For example: you can only use Commons & Rates for the first few Arenas, Then as you climb, higher rarities will be unlocked, like when you get to The Badlands, you can start to use epics, when you hit Marshes, Legendaries and Ruins and up it’s fair game for any rarity. Idk just a thought i had.

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But not everybody battles in a team right…? I see a lot of strategy’s based on team quality or performance but what about the people playing solo?

As far as the up ranking and level limits are concerned, you can shoot, save or buy dna and uprank your creatures while battling. In this case when you move on to a higher arena you can put them in your battle creature grid. I don’t see how that’s a problem.

If you downgrade you should indeed choose creatures levelled the matching requirements, so lower levelled. On the other hand; in this case it would actually be useful to put some effort in other (maybe less popular) creatures to improve their stats in lower ranked levels. Building a good team to match these lower levels in case you drop by loss or choice.

Nothing wrong with that, it makes more sense than keeping them at level 6 with 20k dna so they can act as dna factory for future fuses…


I just played several level 6 Dino’s in Arena 9…wth?


I would say the issue here is that Ludia doesn’t have the heart to make a rehaul for the entire arena, because I acknowledge that this is a lot of work. However, at this pace, they will kill their own player base because newer players have 0% chance of moving up to higher arenas.

Here is my suggestion:

  • Set rarity limits: Rares can be unlocked at Mt. Sibo, Epics can be unlocked at Nublar, Legendaries can be unlocked at Lockdown, Uniques can be unlocked at Ruins. This gives players a better sense of progression and gives Uniques back their status as end-game monsters. Using a Thoradolosaur while you are in Nublar ruins both of these things.

  • Set level limits: This can be easily worked in conjunction with the rarity limits discussed above and makes each arena feels different. Creatures above the level limit will have their levels reduced to the lowest level possible and if still not met they are outright banned. Level limit can also depend on rarity. For example, in Lockdown you upper limit for epic and legendaries can be 16-17, but for rares and common it can be 22 or something.

  • Arena Switch: players from higher arena can choose to return to any of the lower arenas to farm the incubators they want as long as they satisfy the aforementioned limit. However, while in lower arenas they can lose but not gain any trophies. That will save people a lot of time deranking and climbing back up without being an asshole to lower level players.


Ah no worries, the guy is deranking


Thank you sir for being a decent de-ranker.

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Arena’s should have a creature level limit

They already do. It’s 30.

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The only reason I can think of why they don’t change this is because they (or actually their bank account) thrives on the frustration of the chanceless battlers who put all their hopes (and money) on buying the incubators or scent capsules in order to speed up their creature involvement. Let’s hope that’s not the case because it would really be a cheap shot…


What if it just applies to your upper limit? The trophy system could be about unlocking the next level that you don’t have. Want to play that cool new legendary you unlocked then you better get playing to raise your trophy score to unlock the right Arena to be able to play it but once it’s unlocked it’s unlocked. it’s not perfect but it works and Ludia could add new Arena’s or even Aquatic Arenas or Arenas that are only for certain “types” (theropods, ceratopsians, hybrid only or even an aerial Arena where pterosaurs go at it against one another. It’s isn’t 100% but it would work better than what we have now.