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Arena scores vanishing

So this morning I went to do some pvp to fill up my chests. I am currently on a win streak, not sure how many but was up to getting 10 extra points per win. My arena score was at 4106, I got a bot, won the match and got 15 points and my arena score then instead of going to 4121 went to 4021 for a net 100 point loss. I tried logging out and back in and my score was still 4021. This issue needs looked at asap as climbing the ranks and doing pvp sucks enough as it is without randomly losing 100 points for no reason at all…anyone else had this happen yet since patch? I hope not as this is a bad bug to have around and will frustrate people even more so than they already are with the state of pvp.

There is a known bug where the game throws a duplicate of your group into the arena without you knowing. It usually occurs when a player is using the “wait” button. So the duplicate group just sits there and gets slaughtered. I have always lost 50 trophies when this happens. I have also logged off/on to find myself in the middle of being slaughtered. It happens several times to me every season. It sounds like this happened to you back to back for a total of 100 trophies.

I knew there must have been a reason that one time I beat you! That is a really strange bug.

I get beat all the time. my guys are still nowhere near all maxed gear nor levels. even then due to proc rates, crit rates, initiative order, or just your team vs the other players team its really anyones game once you are at the 4500 level. Hell I lost several matches to people with 15 and 16s while climbing back up the ranks, sometimes you just get dealt a bad team and nothing goes your way. its frustrating especially when you take those giant 38-50 point losses due to a bad team makeup vs a lower lvl player.