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Arena Season is to long

The Arena season is way to long. I suggest making it 2 weeks and reset. Right now when the new season starts I get to play against actual people for maybe 2 days and then I get nothing but bots. As the season progresses the score gap widens a lot and makes for anyone in the upper leagues to just be fighting bots all the time. If the seasons were changed to be 2 weeks and reset it would get a lot more people doing pvp as the score would constantly be resetting and everyone would need to climb the ladder back up constantly. There are not nearly as many people playing this game as there used to be and it reflects the most in the arena which is where you notice it the most.

I agree, the constant battles against bots is horrendous. Unfortunately, shortening the season would make the unbalanced matches unending as strong players would constantly be poaching the weaker users. The only way to fairly reduce the bots would be to make adjustments so the game could be favorable again for mass users. When PvP was initially introduced WoW still had a significant user base which made the bots unnecessary, It was only after the user base declined that Bots were introduced to the matchmaking algorithm. As significant increases to player base are now unlikely, it might be prudent for the developers to consider some of the alternative matchmaking systems users have suggested in other threads. Doing so could eliminate the need for bots.

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