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Arena Sneak Peek

Hello Vikings,

The Arena update is very close! Kevin, our Lead Game Designer, just showcased some screenshots of the update on our Instagram account. Check it out, it’s in the stories!

Also, if you’re not already following us… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’d love to see what’s coming but i don’t have Instagram…

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@Marcus,we are definitely excited, I’m curious about when it will come out, maybe it will be at the end of the month or something?

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Kevin did mention that the update is coming towards the end of the month.


Here’s a transcript and images of the Instagram story for those that either don’t have an account or just want the short and sweet version:

Kevin (Lead Game Designer): Hey vikings, I know its been a while but the team’s been hard at work on the arena! And it’s coming up very soon, at the end of the month, so today we want to give you a sneak peak at it.
Alright so this first peek is at the defense team screen. So here you’ll see that you’ll start with six dragons on your team, but as you go up in different leagues, your defense team will get bigger; up to ten dragons. So this is your chance to bring in all of your toughest dragons and to defend against people, so that you can defend Berk and gain a lot of medals, which you’ll be able to show [sic] in the shop, which we’ll be showing soon.
So this next one is actually the special Arena shop or the ‘Thawfest Emporium’ as we call it, so in here, you’ll be taking those medals that you gained from going through the leagues and gaining those medals and you’ll spend them on special items here, and these items will refresh every day, and every season, which will be two weeks. And you can get everything from eggs and fish and even to the unique new Deathgripper that we’ll be launching with the Arena.
Alright, and this last one is what we call the ‘Path Of Glory’, so as you’re winning in battles, you’re getting trophies and you go up in each of the different leagues, as you do that you’ll be getting medals and runes, so again you’ll be using those medals in the shop to get some of the best items, but then, as you get to the top you’ll be on the leaderboard and that’s where the competition will get the fiercest.

So make sure you’ve got your teams ready, and go to the top!

Are you excited for the new Arena update? :heart_eyes:



That red deathgripper is a 5s

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