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Arena stars


Hello, a few months ago i realized the pressence of stars in the emblems of the arenas, what’s the meaning of the stars?


It means ur ranked. Thats it


I’m talking about the stars in the arena icons, for example lockdown has 3 stars on his logo


Nothing special about the stars. They just represent the arena level. Arena 1 - 3 have 1, 2, and then 3 stars. Then arenas 4 - 6 have 1, 2, and 3 stars as you go up. Same for 7 - 9. And then 10 has one star. That’s all it is.


Yep ^^ 1010


Really? Xd
That’s pretty stupid


I seem to remember several versions back of the game, the first three arenas were bronze, second three were silver, and third three were gold. Then each color had stars to distinguish rank. Now the emblems have random colors, but the stars are still there.


For a moment I thought that there exists arenas were you can stay without falling in the ranking


Not really stupid… Stars symbolize the difficulty levels of arenas… Arenas 1-3 have bronze stars, 4-6 silver stars, 7-9 gold stars and 10 a diamond star… When arena 11 is introduced, it will surely be given 2 diamond stars…

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